Thoughts from author: Tim Fowler

a little film about little hats


The Big Knit is back - as of this week 650,000 little wooly hats will be adorning our smoothie bottles to help raise money for Age UK. All of the hats are knitted by real people who kindly send them in to us, and 25p per hatted bottle sold is donated to Age UK to help make winter a little warmer for older people across the UK. We're set to smash the £1m mark this year of total money raised through the campaign's history so we thought we'd make a little video about how it all started.

town criers are real

Town Criers are real. They still exist. They still cry about stuff. We have proof: behold, the innocent AGM Town Crier Challenge. Click here to see the entire cry.


We asked our Facebook fans to suggest some random words for town crier Alistair to build into a cry. We were sent a load of truly random words ranging from 'rambunctious' to 'endoplasmic' to 'big girls are beautiful'. We asked Alistair to try and build 5 into his cry. The result is... well, see for yourself and share amongst friends. It's not the kind of thing you see everyday.

four great ways to keep up-to-date with the innocent AGM

Four great ways to keep up-to-date with all the innocent AGM goings on from the comfort of your own (or someone elses) bed.

The AGM consumer cam - see what the day looks like from Jack's head (actually an iPhone taped to a helmet) live from about 10.30am.

Twitter - we'll be tweeting throughout the day, remember to use #innocentAGM

Facebook – we have a special AGM Q&A session with innocent co-founder Richard Reed at 12.30pm (Saturday 8th, 2011).

Follow us on instagram (search innocentsmoothies) or take a look here for visual updates throughout the day.

stuck between a rock and a mountain

Our Tansy normally spends her days keeping the innocent creative team running smoothly and collecting used coffee mugs on her desk. This week she's swapped her Sharpie and notebook for warm clothing and hiking boots as she takes on the Pyrenees, hiking for 10.5 hours a day all in aid of the Romilly Forshall Foundation.

Somehow she managed to get mobile reception and send these quick snaps of the Pyrenees and some rocks.