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a pea filled peaceful lunch

To continue to celebrate Peace One Day today we just had a very peaceful lunch.


Consisting of lots of our Peace One Day smoothies.


Pea based lunches from the good people at Hummus Borthers (give peas a chance).



And a film screening of the new Peace One Day movie 'The Day After Peace'.


There's still plenty of stuff you can do to get involved with Peace One Day yourself right here.

00:00:00:00 to 21 September

Today is 21 September, and today is Peace One Day. An international day of peace on which 88 humanitarian activities will be carried out in 31 countries across the world. Including life changing work such as the World Health Organisation vaccinating 200,000 people in Afghanistan and launching a Polio campaign for 8 million children.

To show your own support, and celebrate Peace One Day, just do any (or all) of the below things.

1: Simply spend the next 3:46 minutes watching the above short film.

2: Join innocent & Peace One Day's Wall Of Peace and invite as many friends as you can to do the same.

3: Add a Peace One Day Twibbon to our twitter profile picture for the day.

4: Sign up for front row seats at tonight's Peace One Day celebration concert at 8pm tonight.

"If you build a house, you start with one brick, if we want to build peace, we should start with one day." Jeremy Gilley

peace on your computer screen

Next Tuesday 21st September is Peace One Day. To mark the occasion you could do a few things for peace. You could watch the webcast of the Peace One Day 2010 Celebration from 8pm GMT including an exclusive high quality stream of the Peace One Day concert from Paris and live presentations. You could join the innocent and Peace One Day wall of peace and encourage as many of your friends as possible to do the same. Or you could find a limited edition innocent and Peace One Day smoothie in the shops and wear your free badge with pride for the whole day.

Or you could do all three, watch the concert, join the wall, get the smoothie and badge.

the World's Oldest Man in the papers and magazines and radio and stuff

long live Alex

Our official World's Oldest Man contender Alex Horne has been in the papers and magazines and radio a bit lately talking about his attempt. Here's some highlights fro you if you missed them.

The World's Oldest Man (in the making) in the Observer magazine yesterday (still available to read online here). It's comforting to know check will still be in for men in 100 years or so.






And the World's Oldest Man (in the making) looking very smart with a nice side parting in Esquire magazine.


Lastly the World's Oldest Man (in the making) talking about his attempt for seven and a half minutes on 6Music last week.

Long live Alex. Long live him.