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coc up

Cropped cocnut

We have a little apology to make about our new special guest smoothie.

The mangoes are spot on, the lemongrass too, but there's been a small hitch with the coconuts. They snuck past our proofreaders and lost an 'o' from where we can assure you was not a planned spot. This limited edition of this special guest is out there for two weeks only, when we hope that our coconut milk will return to pure innocence.

Chuckle while you can.

ten percent


Some of you might know that we give 10% of our profits to good causes each year, some of you might not. Either way, we thought it was high time we gave you a quick update on where the majority of that money actually goes.

We set up the innocent foundation in 2004, to help build sustainable futures for the world's poorest people. We're now able to support 18 projects with 15 partners, mainly in countries from which we buy our fruit.

We had some updates from these projects towards the end last year, (which is part of the agreement, so everyone can be sure things are progressing properly), and we've now got them all up on the new website. Andrew D is currently out in Malawi with the Microloan Foundation and his final report will be up there soon.

He's updating us while he's there so keep an eye out for his blogs too.



You may have noticed that now and again we like to make sure our drinkers are on their toes and paying attention by slipping in the odd unlikely ingredient to the list.

Shiny trumpets, two-man tents and rubber ducks have all been known to have made an appearance at some point.

But we were still shocked to receive a concerned email from Rhian about a new entrant:

While drinking my delicious innocent breakfast thickie this morning, I was most alarmed to read that the ingredients included 'a sprinkling of ground up cats'.

Thankfully I am not a vegetarian, but do not usually eat any cat until after lunch as it plays havoc with my digestive system. I would be most grateful if you revise your recipe as I'd hate to give them up. Surely there is something else you can use to give it similar bite?

We are happy to inform Rhian that this particular label appears to have been the victim a printing slip-up, and not an attempt on our part at introducing exciting new ingredients into the world of quality fruit drinks. It should of course read 'a sprinkling of ground up oats'. Of course.

And we'd like to take this opportunity to say that our drinks have been cat-free since we launched. We plan on maintaining this stance for the foreseeable future.

the penultimate fete

While we're not going to win the prize for biggest fete, Tansy and I (Cass) both agree that this little gathering, round the corner from Fruit Towers, has all the heart.


Arlett & our Karen bonded over a smoothie (who needs a bottle of Bollinger to get the conversation flowing?) and we soon discovered that Arlett is one of the ladies that helped us keep our bottles warm in winter with the woolly hats she's knitted. Thank you Arlett.


Karen & I played the 'name the rabbit game' (delightfully as simple as it sounds) and Tansy tried her luck at the tombola, but sadly none of us walked away with a prize. Instead we decided to treat ourselves to the £1 book stall and we're now all proud owners of some classics.


We set up outside to begin with, with our ball in the bucket game, but only managed to get one eager participant before it rained. He insisted on playing by his own rules and got the balls everywhere but in the bucket - but with a face like this we couldn't resist his charms and he won a smoothie all the same. Not before he'd sampled all our recipes though, to make sure he knew what his favourite was. Quite an assertive young man I'd say.


He wasn't the only one who appeared to have a refined palette. This little one was definitely more of a berry girl and she took her time in sampling it.


Generally the conversation centred around the health benefits and tastiness of the drinks, but we had our share of hot topics to cover including the British Summer and the flood damage in Hammersmith.



And that's how our afternoon went. In such a cosy environment we couldn't help but remember the early days of innocent - and here's a picture to prove it. Our thanks to the lovely people of the Grove Neighbourhood Centre, for reminding us that small can have a big heart.