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southport deb


We think our Matt quite enjoyed the attention when we put a picture of his fetching trousers on this blog last year. So he'll be really pleased to learn that today we found his mum's blog. Our highlight was a picture of Matt in his dressing gown on Christmas morning playing with his new toy - a set of drumsticks.

If you have a blog with pictures of our Matt on it, please get in touch as we'd love to see them.

testing testing

We're going to be monkeying around with our typepad blog for the next couple of hours, so apologies if this page starts looking a little strange. In case you're wondering what we're up to, we're trying to better integrate this blog with our website.

We started up this Typepad blog just as a test to see if we liked blogging, and to see if anyone actually read it. The plan was, if all went well, we'd build the blog into our site.

And it seems to work. We like blogging and we like the fact that people read it and comment. So Ted, our web designer, is going to format this page so it looks the same as the pages on our website. And it'll now sit on our main site.

The good thing is that you shouldn't have to update your RSS feeds, and the address will still take you to our blog; it'll just be nested in our site, rather than sitting all lonesome on Typepad.

Of course we should probably be doing this testing at the weekend or at midnight so no one would notice, but to be honest, we figured you wouldn't mind too much. And Ted's got to go to a wedding on Saturday.

the early bird


If getting up in the middle of the night to check out interesting fruit is your cup of tea, then we'd recommend a visit to the Western International Market. Our Lucy went at 3 o'clock in the morning to get hold of the last of the fresh alphonso mangoes. Sadly they were all out. But she did manage to get some yellow passion fruits from Vitacress and some new Indian Kesar mangoes. Apparently when she picked up the mango box, "it was really warm, it seemed to be generating heat as it ripened".

The market is on Hayes Road, Southall and costs £5 to get in. Other highlights include a fine selection of hot baked potatoes, world-beating chocolate muffins and a particularly grumpy security guard.

story box


Today we sent 24 new designs for our big 1 litre cartons to the printers. Here they are stuck on the wall of our library so everyone here can have a read. We refresh all the cartons with new stories about every 3 months. These ones talk about loads of different things from how the company has changed as it's got bigger to why our alphonso mangoes are a bit like Glenn Medeiros.

Next up we're doing new stories for all our little bottles. Kat, our packaging designer, will be setting about 130 different labels which she can do in about 2 days. She's good.

bad samba


After work yesterday, some of us got together for drum club. The idea is that we learn a tune on the samba drums then play it on stage at fruitstock. It was only our second practice and while we're doing OK at connecting stick with drum and making lots of noise, we're still not too hot at banging in time with each other. Our instructor, Barak, is pretty patient, but I don't think this is going to be the easiest gig he's ever had.