Thoughts from author: Rio Pass

fudge in the post

It's nice when someone sends you something special out of the blue.

It happened to us last week, when eight year old Charlie and his Mum sent us a card and some homemade fudge, to say thank you for some magnets we'd sent them.

The fudge went down a treat (so much so that the first batch was actually stolen from the communal fridge). Charlie's Mum was kind enough to send us another batch though, and even included a new peanut butter version that we hadn't seen before. All's well that ends well in the world of posted fudge.

swede-y todd and friends

At Broughton Primary School in Scotland, the creative class of P 2/3 decided to make some rather scary fruit and veg monsters. We haven't slept a wink since.

Veg art 1
Swede-y Todd

Veg art 2
Edward Cherry Hands

Veg art 3
Al Pea-cino

Veg art 4
Count Brocc-ula

Veg art 5
Melon in Black (created by Samuel)

Veg art 6
Mr. Evil Sweet Potato Head (created by Tom)

We struggled a bit with the names towards the end. If you have any suggestions (the more tenuous the better) do let us know.

A big thankyou to P 2/3 Broughton Primary School and their teacher, Mrs. Buxton, for all their hard work and creative flair.

pigeon penguin pear

Pigeon Pear

Vickey sent in a picture of this rather pigeon-like pear the other day. We were impressed.

We wondered if Vickey might have any other animal-shaped pears up her sleeve.

Penguin Pear

Turns out she did. Vickey thought this one resembled a penguin. We think it looks like a kiwi bird. What do you think - penguin or kiwi?

a morning of coffee and cake

MacMillan Coffee Morning

We all love that warm and fuzzy feeling when we help someone out, don't we?

Well that's what our Fliss did on 24th September when she organised a MacMillan coffee morning here at Fruit Towers.

There were cakes galore


And plenty of tea and coffee to wash it down with.


Eddie had a run-in with a blackcurrant cheesecake (it wasn't pretty).


MacMillan sent one of their most important people over to sample our tasty treats with a nice brew. 

He's the one on the right, next to Kat.


Whoever was talking seems to have him and Kat hanging on every word.

Jo rounded the morning off nicely (whilst burning a few calories), re-enacting that famous scene from 'Big'.


Every penny raised went to MacMillan Cancer which made eating so much cake on a Friday morning all the more acceptable.

Big pat on the back to Fliss and everyone else who spent the previous evening knees deep in icing.