Thoughts from author: Rio Pass

tea for two (or five)

Our Natasha took herself away to a far away place over the weekend. Cornwall to be precise. Who'd have thought she'd come back with such tasty treats for her desk buddies?

Tea for Two

This photo shows a clear divide in posing styles. On the left, Clemmie and Rio have gone for the elegant smile with a suggestion of 'we may take a bite in a minute or two'. On the right, Natasha, Mark and Ben clearly just couldn't wait.

Needless to say, Cream Tea Tuesdays are here to stay.

time for bed

It's hump day, and we're all a bit tired.

Let's close our eyes and imagine we're having our little power nap here


or here

Tired 2

or maybe even here

Tired 3

That's better.

a special visitor

Mondays can be a struggle. It's a known fact. Fortunately though, our day was made a little brighter when we had an unexpected visitor.

Dog 2
Meet Bluebell.

Despite the frantic looking photo (and that menacing eye), Bluebell was in fact a very friendly dog. After a bit of magic from our very own dog whisperer Madhu, Bluebell even sat and gave her paw.*

Dog 3
This really hasn't done anything to help our obsession with getting an office dog.

If you have any ideas on how we can convince our office manager, please do let us know.

* after being bribed with biscuits

cat meat? thankfully not.

Llewelyn and his friends filmed a spoof documentary for a school project. They talk about our smoothies containing cat meat. We're happy to confirm that they contain nothing of the sort. If you have a spare 7 minutes or so, it's worth a look.

A big thank you to Llewelyn and co. for giving us something to chuckle about. Great acting.

scanwich anyone?

It's almost lunchtime and all we can think about is food. Really good, tasty food.

To make the next half hour all the more unbearable, someone just sent us a link to an amazing website called scanwiches. Take a look if you dare.

Thinly-sliced chorizo and manchego, on a pressed ciabatta

Scanwich 2
Roast beef, brie, tomatoes, greens, honey, dijon, on toasted french bread

Scanwich 3
Homemade roast beef, mustard, on a roll

If that hasn't inspired you to treat yourself this lunchtime, nothing will.