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they don't make them like they used to

When we were little and had our first crush at school, we might have expressed our feelings through a love heart. We'd choose our quote carefully mind. 'Blue eyes' meant nothing if the boy or girl we were pursuing had brown eyes, and 'Don't cry' at that age seemed more of a taunt than a romantic gesture. So it was always best to go with the safe option - 'True love'.

Feeling nostalgic we bought a pack - only to find some rather odd romantic (?) lines.*

See if you can spot them.

New love hearts

This begs the question - whatever happened to romance?

* 'Just say no' can only mean one thing, can't it?


10 minutes left before home time, and what better way to pass that time than with a few photos of really badly stuffed animal. One might wonder where we found such things.

Stuffed cat

They get worse.

Stuffed oselot

Much worse.

Stuffed monkey

There you have it.

ode to innocent

Here at Fruit Towers, we like to celebrate the lovely stuff. That's why we have a little shelf dedicated to our favourite consumer (a.k.a. drinker) of the month.

Consumer of the Month

This month something very special caught our eye.

A nice poem.*

A poem

We replied to Annie and John the teacher with this rather shoddy piece:

'Annie and John sent us a lovely poem

Which was rather nice, as we didn't really know 'em

John wasn't well, but is now fighting fit

After drinking some smoothies for a little bit

It just goes to show what a smoothie can do

2 of your 5 a day and really good for you'

We think their poem is very special indeed. Much better than ours, that's for sure.

* may need magnifying glass.

picture this

We think some of the best things about summer take place on the beach. The feeling of warm sand between our toes; the sound of waves crashing against rocks; the sight of a beautiful sunset; the smell of BBQs on the beach. We'd go on but we've run out of senses.

One dreary day last week we decided to surf the net for holidays (pun intended), and came across some spooky images from the depths of Moilinere Bay, Grenada.

Sea Sculptures

Now imagine you're minding your own business - doing a spot of snorkelling, when you see something that looks distinctly like a man typing at a desk

Sea Sculptures 2

And if that wasn't quite weird enough, you then bump into a woman with big, gaping holes where her eyes should be

Sea Sculptures 3

We're strangely fascinated, but can't help feeling we'd have a lifetime of nightmares if we ever stepped foot in this part of the ocean.

Maybe some other time.

magnets and football tricks

If you're anything like us, you can't help but be soft when it comes to kids.

Especially when this turns up in your inbox.

Meet Scott - an avid collector of magnets, and a rather trendy one at that.

When his Mum's preparing his tea, Scott enjoys a game of football in the back garden. On this particular ocassion he'd been trying to perfect his toe bounce around the world, so when his Mum called him in for dinner, Scott was feeling a little tired to say the least.


So a very big thank you to Scott for making our day with his photos and impressive array of magnets.