Thoughts from author: Rio Pass

what to do with a thousand pounds


Last Halloween we partnered with First News and asked kids at school to write in with their spookiest smoothie inventions. In exchange, we were offering them the chance to win a range of prizes, including £1000 to spend on cool stuff for their school.

South Wilts Grammar School for Girls ended up being our lucky winners, and they got back in touch last week to show us what they chose to do with the money they won.

 It's a mosaic. 

This is our favourite bit.

Artist, Joanna Dewfall, helped the girls to design and install the impressive looking feature, and we think they've done a rather lovely job of it.


swiss mountains and smoothies

Our very own Rich Reed recently made it his mission to climb all the way to the top of The Matterhorn - one of the most famous mountains in the world

And when he finally reached the top, he held his walking stick in the air and cracked open a much deserved bottle of smoothie. What a way to celebrate.

something in the water

No, this isn't 'Attack of the Giant Caviar' in the making, it's actually 400,000 little black balls covering the surface of the Ivanhoe reservoir.

There were found to be high levels of bromate (a carcinogen that forms when bromide and chlorine react with sunlight) in this reservoir back in 2007, and when the Department of Water Protection became aware of it they began constructing a new underground reservoir in Griffith Park. However, while it was being built they had to figure out a way to keep the sunlight out of the water.

Now go and make yourself a nice bromate-free cup of tea. You deserve it.