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how to knit a unicorn, a whale, and jack sparrow

Last year we discovered a really rather exceptional knitter. She sent us the Unicorn hat you see below, along with a little Santa and Robin hat. Her Unicorn went on to win our hat of the year competition. We fell in love with it, and her. Her name is Susan Smith. And now you can knit your own Unicorn too, download her pattern here.

Unicorn new

This year she has sent us another broad selection of beautifully crafted and detailed hats, and has sent in a couple of patterns too. Make your own Jack Sparrow, because pirates aaaaaaarrre fun to make.

Or you could knit up a Whale if you're feeling aquatic?

A great big thank you to Susan for all the hats and for sending us her patterns.

Remember, the deadline for hats is Friday 14th October. Happy knitting.


hat of the week: all creatures great and boogley-eyed

In this week's edition, all creatures great and googley-eyed go eyeball to eyeball, as the triple-tag-team of a fish, snail and bee challenge a pair of alien-fish to a duel. Or does that make it a brawl? You can place your votes here by "liking" which hat you prefer.

Fish snail bee
A googley fish, snail and bee.

Alien fish
If you can tell us exactly what these are then you'll win an overriding sense of relief and relaxation from us.

Last week, the psychedellic squids took poll position over the rasta-bonanza, a big congratulations to Shirley Boyle.


hat of the week: psychedellic squids take on rasta

The results are in from last week, drum roll please, and the anonymous shrimp and hermit Kermit took the lead, safely securing their stronghold over Mexican Pete and his compadres. If you know who knitted this shrimp, please let us know. He's totally anonymous, and and a bit of an anomaly. But a wonderful one.

In the most suprising hat of the week yet, an otherwise friendly group of psychedellic squids take on a rasta. Who wins? You decide, by placing your votes in our Facebook album by clicking "like" on your favourite.

Shirley boyle

R. Boyce


a big thank you to our knitting Mums

Now that Kat's left innocent, the race is on to see whose parents can raise the highest number of hats for the Big Knit 2011. Charlie's Mum is doing a sterling job as ever, and this year George's Mum has stepped into the running, promoting the Big Knit with her local Age UK and The Spinning Wheel in Clevedon, and even encouraging her customers to join in too. She's shown a cracking bit of entrepreneuralism, running a raffle where everyone who enters 5 hats gets a ticket. Here's the lovely Angela with 350 hats so far.

George's Mum

If you live near Clevedon, North Somerset, you can join in her efforts by taking your hats to the Londis and West End Post Office.

Remember, you've got another 4 weeks to get your hats in to us, so get your knit on.