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something special

You may remember the Unicorn hat from last year. You may also remember the Robin and Santa hat too, from our hat of the year competition.

Well these were all made by an extra-special lady named Susan. And this year, she's only gone and done it again.


From Humpty Dumpty sitting on his wall, to Charlie Chaplin.

A Genie coming out of a bottle (on top of a bottle).

And then to our favourite, Mary & Joseph & baby Jesus.

Susan, we salute you. You'll be seeing some more of her special hats over the coming weeks.


hat of the week: Disney vs. the Olympians

It's not often that a group of characters from a 1930s Disney classic compete against some of the UK's finest athletes, but hey, it's just one of those weeks. Who will win between Snow White and the 7 dwarves and the British Olympic team? Go here to vote and choose your winner.

The British Olympic Team



Snow white

7 dwarves front

7 dwarves back

The results from last week show that the mouse is mightier than the fictitious elf from the land of Nintendo. Who'd a thunk it. A big congratulations to Mrs Gail Lee.


we need your hats by Friday 14th

The deadline for the Big Knit is fast approaching - please send us your hats by next Friday 14th October.

The hats have been rolling in, but we still need more. So far Oli has managed to construct the foundations of a fortress between his desk and the French contingent behind him. With your hats, he can build a wall.

Oli post
Remember to send your hats to: the big knit, innocent drinks, fruit towers, 342 Ladbroke Grove, London, W10 5BU.


hat of the week: mouse against Zelda

The hats have been piling in to Fruit Towers, and the competition is hotting up. This week we pitch a modest mouse against a pint-sized fantasy warrior who needs to find a Princess. It's mouse Vs The Legend of Zelda in an epic battle of tiny proportions. Go here to place your vote.


The results are in from last week, and the googley snail, fish and bee came out victorious over the alien fish. Congratulations go to Sarah Jane Burningham.