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here we mo again

Movember week 3 update: With the Big Knit's hat of the week lending support to Movember (albeit through a beard-off), our Movember team decided to show their support for the Big Knit by wearing hats in this week's update.


Latecomer Paul managed to speed straight into shot, but we thought we'd give him a chance to grab a hat and get involved. But what else has changed between these two pictures? We'll give you a hint: it's village people themed.


Only one more week of growing to go. How knows where the tashes will end up?

hat tagging week 2 round-up

From the first round up of hat tagging (see this post) the winners are: Darlene McDermott for her Angelina; Rose Kingscote's take on the Taj Mahal; Luke Davies' pair of iPhones; Jay Smith's 33 hats in a tree; and Cathey Dorain's beanied dog. Smoothies will be on their way, shortly...

And now, to this week's entrants. Remember, the winner of each category wins a case of smoothies.

For celebrity, we have Barack Obama featuring in "The Tomatinator"; a timid shot of HRH the Queen; and a hat about to perform live at a Rodrigo y Gabriela gig at Shepherds Bush.


Best statue or landmark is kicked off by the strawberry gherkin; followed by Empire hat of mind in the Big Apple; and the woollen wharf at, well, Canary Wharf.


Best creative placement brings us recyclotron (100% recycled materials); the VW beanie; and a rather cosy orange.


The most number of hats in one shot (creatively utilised nonetheless) offers us the hatted road; hattosaurus; and the strawberry brigade.


And finally, the best pet category. There really are a lot of photos of pets with hats, but this trio was the cream of the crop. Siamese twin cats; the funky chicken; and a strawberry camel.

I know, what's with all the strawberries? I mean, really, that's quite a lot of strawberries. Your guess is a good as ours.

You can place your vote for the best of this week's hat tagging here.


international hat tagging

Although our Big Knit hats are only available in the UK, our hats have been scampering far and wide and well beyond these fair shores. They've been seen floating above the Dead Sea.

Rebecca Flower_dead sea

Just hanging out with camels in Egypt.

Jenna Yee Egypt jpeg

And one little multicoloured guy made it all the way to the Big Apple.

Ian Hunter

And in other hat tagging news, it's not like the Royal weds-to-be have enough to do right now, but somehow they've also found the time to join in our hat tagging game. Congratulations to the pair of them.


Thanks to Rebecca Flower, Jenna Yee, Ian Hunter (and Gurdeep).


hat of the week: we've got a beard off

Last week saw the classic cork hat take on the regal crown, and the corks beat the gold. Congratulations to Jo Hazell of Newport, smoothies will be on their way to you shortly.

This week, loosely affiliated to innocent's participation in Movember, we have a beard off. Yes, we do know the difference between a beard and a moustache, but it seemed unfair to shave these guys of their pride and joy.

First up we have Captain's favourite Gingerbread Ted with a mighty beard.

Week 12 Cassie Eastham

But he's not the only seafaring entrant, as we bring you Pir-hats of the Caribbean. We can't tell where his dreads end and his beard begins, but we love him nonetheless.

Week 12 Alex Kay

We thought it may help you to make your mind up if you got to hear from the hats themselves. So here you go.

In the hairy beardy hatty tash off, which hirsute hat will take the biscuit, and get crumbs stuck to its chin? You decide.


I got mo's, in different area codes

Movember Week 2 update - and things are looking definitely and definitively hairier, and like an odd ensemble TV show. If Dynasty were crossed with Deadwood, via the A Team and Bruce Forsythe.


Ruvan and Matt snuck in for the round-up photo.


George pointed out that his beautiful milky moustache can only be seen by the human eye when close up, so here it is, in all its cappuccino frothy glory.


And Gavin was upset that his tash has moved south to his chin for November.


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Here's how we looked after week 1.