Thoughts from author: Lewis Smith

the cosby sweater project

We really like jumpers and so does the dude who made this website. The Cosby Sweater Project shows you all of the lovely jumpers from the show, along with a hand drawn remake of each and every pattern. It even has a sentence to help us remember what was going on in the episode. Marvellous.

The crosby sweater project

"Cliff is going to play pinochle with his father and his war buddies and he is dressed to win!"

We would love to own a few of these, especially the one above, what a beauty.

cooking with poo...

... not really but this is an actual book title that is up for this year's 'Oddest book title of the year.' Poo actually means crab in Thai and is also the chef Saiyuud’s nickname. 

cooking with poo 

Hello to you Poo, I hope your book wins the prize this year, you get my vote.

If anyone else wants to vote for Poo's book and have a look at some of the other odd titles follow the link below.

if music be the food of lunch, play on


Fancy having a Daal curry this lunch? There's a musical treat if you do.


On the inside of the new Daal veg pots there's a record player with a list of songs, all of which are related to food. So tune in, pop your veg pot in the microwave and have a sing-a-long whilst you eat.

Here is the link as well for those not having a Daal curry but who still want the tunes: