Thoughts from author: Lewis Smith

first flesh flash of the year

ben shorts


Ben 'I hate summer' Williams is the first to flash the flesh this year, sporting some rather lovely cream shorts. We salute you Ben, we thought it was still a bit nippy for shorts today, but you have proved us wrong. 

poor old Queens Park Rangers

The hallowed ground of Loftus Road used to be a 5 minute walk from the old Fruit Towers, so we have a bit of a soft spot for The Super Hoops.

This season has been a tricky one for them, and just when things were looking up this weekend, they were denied a super-header, gave away a goal and left three valuable points in Bolton. 

But chins up lads, we believe in you. If you ever fancy a smoothie, a chat or some tactical advice, we're still only up the road

Poor old Clint Hill

Thank you to The Guardian for the picture.