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angel delight

This is Steve

Steve calm

Steve is a bit of a grown up* here at innocent and today he thought he’d take a moment out from his very busy job to cover the front desk for our Office Angels

Have you ever wondered who picks up the banana phone?
Well now you know

And, as we’re sure Steve would tell you, the key to answering the banana phone is to keep calm

Steve not so calm

Given the look on Steve’s face, we’d like to see him when he panics

*Operations Director, if we’re being precise

say hello to granny leanne

Granny Leanne

Leanne is my granny (and a big fan of our drinks). I’m currently living with her while I buy a flat

I’m sure she could teach us a thing or two about living a long and happy life, so I thought I’d share a few things that I've learnt from Granny Leanne:

1) Work hard
Leanne heads off to work every day as a full-time medical secretary (at the age of 78)

2) Play hard
Leanne loves to socialise. She’s an excellent hostess and always offers you ‘the other half’ of your drink, regardless of how many previous ‘halves’ you’ve had

3) Eat well
Leanne doesn’t like to cook. Instead, she cooks her food how M&S tell her to cook it on the packet
Now, that’s not just cooking… that’s Marks & Spencer cooking

4) Keep fit
Leanne’s not a big fan of exercise. Every time she feels like exercising, she lies down until the feeling goes away (thank you to Robert M. Hutchins for that quote)

5) Drink well
Leanne is a big fan of our little drinks. She likes to take an innocent smoothie in her lunchbox to work every day – and she always enjoys reading the label(s)

And, as the proof is in the pudding, here's a photo of her lunch:


In true granny-style, she has a rubbish picture that I did when I was a child on the wall in the downstairs loo

Framed, of course. Here it is:


I’ll be moving out shortly into my new home

Granny Leanne asked me whether I could simply buy the flat, but keep living with her

Truth be told, I’d love too

little pictures of little people

This time last week, we were at Camp Bestival getting 'down with the kids' and we thought we'd share some of the photos with you.

1) One small person enjoying a carton of our juicy drink.

How. Very. Cute.

Simply Cute

2) Two keen beans demonstrating 'straw best practice'. Funny face or technical maestro? Jury is out.

'You see, you open your mouth like this and pop the straw in here…'

Straw goes here

3) Three happy chappies.

Our most enthusiastic drinker? We're not sure what the young man on the right is doing either. But we love him.

I'm a hero

4) And, last but not least, four shiny happy little people*.

Shiny Happy People

*or maybe just three. The little lady on the right doesn't look so jolly.