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Say hello to Send a Cow

Feeding time, send a cow


For over twenty years, Send a Cow has been helping thousands of African families and orphans out of poverty, working with them to grow enough food to eat, sell their produce and develop small businesses that last. Send a Cow provides cows in Africa, but it’s more than that: it revives sustainable agriculture techniques that have been long forgotten

And, after a successful project in Uganda, the innocent foundation is now funding a new, three-year project in Kenya. Five new groups have been set up, covering 120 families and over 300 orphans, mostly in the west of Kenya. Training has been carried out in development values; sustainable, organic agriculture and basic skills for self-governance, mutual support and democratic working.

Send a Cow works closely with the families it supports, teaching them the skills they need to build new lives free from poverty and hunger and encouraging them to pass on the skills, seeds or livestock they’ve acquired to others in the community. This “Pass it On” principle not only builds stronger communities, it allows Send a Cow to help even more people to develop the skills, confidence and self-respect needed for a happy, healthy life.

If you'd like to know more about Send a Cow, click here

a hug note

You know it’s a good day when you get a note like this one on your desk:

Hug note

The ‘small print’ simply says ‘for no better reason than I felt like it’

Love a random act of kindness*

*we're not recommending that you start handing out 'hug notes' to the person sat next to you on the bus, though. Probably a little too random, even if you're just feeling really, really nice

some useful 'informashon'

Yesterday, we popped into a primary school in Bristol on The Hungry Grassy Van road trip

We just thought we'd share these wise words from the playground

How to play nicely

a bee in my barnet

We found out two random facts about Barnet at the weekend, so we thought we’d share them with you

Firstly, Barnet is, arguably, bigger than London. That is, according to zoom-level Google Maps, see below:

Barnet, England

And secondly, the rainbow ends in Barnet* (who knew?)
It's official. Here's photographic evidence:

The end of the rainbow

*Just think how much time Dorothy could have saved if she had popped to Barnet, instead of Oz (although we're not sure that ‘the Wizard of Barnet’ has quite the same ring to it)