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tim's about to jump out of a plane

Thankfully he'll be wearing a parachute. And this rather fetching jumpsuit.
tim in a jumpsuit preparing for his skydive

He's going skydiving this Friday to raise money for his two lovely nieces (pictured above), Ellie (7) and Lily (3), who both suffer from unrelated heart conditions. It's likely they'll both need to have heart surgery before they reach the age of 10, so they've been advised to get a defribrillator, which Tim's hoping to pay for with the money raised from his skydive. Best of luck Tim, although, with a jumpsuit as shiny as that, we're not sure you'll need it.

how do you cure the hiccups?


According to Kirsty, Creative Corner’s resident prankster and the only person in Fruit Towers ever to have worn triple denim, the best way to cure someone from the hiccups is to say “pineapple” to them. We were skeptical at first, but having seen it work twice now with two very severe cases of hiccups, we’re coming round to the idea. We’ve also since heard that thinking about as many bald men as you possibly can and repeatedly telling yourself “I am not a fish” work really well too. Let us know below by 5pm on Friday 24th August if you've got any more good cures. Best suggestion gets a case of our finest smoothies delivered to their door (UK only, sorry international friends).



how do you solve a problem like smelly trainers?

smelly trainers

It's been a bit warm recently so we've ventured out in our trainers without wearing any socks. Big mistake. Now they stink. But we're not going to panic, because our friends at Friends of the Earth have told us that if we sprinkle a bit of bicarbonate of soda inside them tonight, they won't smell half as bad by morning. Bingo.