Thoughts from author: Joe at innocent

lion chop

This is really good photo for a Tuesday. It's a pretty good photo for a Wednesday, or Thursday for that matter, but it's at its best on Tuesdays. It's likely that this lion is a grade 7 violinist, knows exactly how to cook authentic moules mariniere & spends the weekends playing tennis with Roger.

Lion chop

triple double yolker

Friday seemed to be a good day for most people. It was a bank holiday, it didn't rain as much as it was meant to, and some rich people got married on the telly. We started the day with a triple double yolker. You know you're on to a winner when you crack three double yolkers in a row into the frying pan.

Triple double yolker
We thought it couldn't get any better, but we walked into town later and saw a man taking his dog for a walk. On his shoulders.

Taking the owner for a walk
Or maybe the dog was walking the man. Either way, when you add the triple double yolker to the lack of rain and the rich people people getting married, and then throw in a shoulder riding dog, it's hard not to judge Friday a roaring success.

evil banana

Evil banana
Thomas sent us a picture of an evil banana on Twitter. To date, it is the only picture of an evil banana we've ever been sent. Thomas, this makes you an evil banana sending trailblazer. Nice work.

london coffee festival

We've got a stall at London's first coffee festival this weekend.

London Coffee Festival
If you like coffee, nice food, free smoothies and live music, and can get yourself to Brick Lane this weekend, you'll find us in the Hyde Park area.

Tickets are usually £8.50 (with all money from ticket sales going to Project Waterfall, a charity initiative helping to secure clean drinking water for thousands of people in Tanzania), but we've got a nifty discount. Enter the code FRUITY here, and you'll get your tickets for £6 each.

Hope to see you there. There's a smoothie with your name on it if we do.