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fancy working for method?

We like method. They make nice things in a nice way. They asked us if we'd mind putting up a blog post about their search for some new recruits and we said yes.


Take it away method:

join the fight against dirty at method. We’re recruiting for interns (in sales, marketing & operations). Based in Richmond, London.

In 2000, method’s founders took on the goliaths of the cleaning world with a big idea: reposition cleaning to home care by combining style & substance through the mega-trends of design and green…and they built a brand that quickly became the usa & uk’s leading brand in green household cleaning. We have big growth plans & are looking for ‘interns against dirty’ to help spread the method word with our retailers & consumers and to help us make and deliver great products on time and in full.

As well as the basics, these roles call for a creative, energetic, analytical, and self-starting graduate or undergraduate with the flexibility to manage and master a diverse, ever-changing and interesting workload... and the ability to add to the team vibe in our office is just as important (hint: can you catch a Frisbee?) You'll get the opportunity to run your own project which will make a real difference to our business, all whilst still wearing shorts and flip flops.

We’re very passionate about what we do (as are our consumers), so, if you’ll love hearing ‘you’ve changed my life with your toilet cleaner’, this could be the job for you.

To apply:

Please email a cover letter & cv to – don’t forget to tell us why you want to fight dirty, what your favourite product is & send a photo of it in action"

just cycling to sydney, darling

Won't be a jiffy.

Cycle diaries

Ever cycled to work and wished you could just carry on? Ever wanted to take a year off work to go and do something a bit different? Ever lost the plot completely and decided to cycle 13,000 miles to Australia?

Our very own Matt has. He'll be cycling from Trafalgar Square to Sydney, Australia with his mate Andy. Their stamina, patience, and glute strength will be tested as they make their way through 22 countries and three continents over the course of a year.

Having won an innocent scholarship earlier this year Matt got £1,000 from us towards his bike. The duo are raising money for the incredible charity War Child (£9,000 raised so far) with every penny raised going to the charity. Wish them luck and follow their adventures here:

Ride like Shadowfax boys, and show us the meaning of haste. Or just go at your own pace - 13,000 miles is a long way.

smoother than a freshly shelled conker

Des Lynam has more gravitas than your average man. He is smoother than the average man. He is the English Tom Selleck. A prince amongst mammals.

Des lynam
We asked our friends on Facebook how best to describe just how smooth Des Lynam is. These are our favourite suggestions:

"Smoother than a greased weasel" - Steve Parker

"Like a freshly shelled conker" - Rachel Williams

"As smooth as a mannequins groin" - Joe McChisholm

"Smooth, warm and wet...bit like the inside of a lama's cheek" - Richard Kemp