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loved up vs lone wolf

Valentine's Day. You either love it, hate it, really hate it, or barely acknowledge it. There's no denying though that it causes many of us to reflect on one of two things: your relationship, or your lack of a relationship.

With this in mind we'd like you to send us a picture (tweeted to @innocentdrinks with the hashtag #loveduplonewolf, or uploaded to our Facebook page). In this picture, you must either show us:

1. How deliriously happy you and your other half are (a la loved up Claire and Jeremy)

Loved up claire and jez

2. How deliriously happy you are without an other half (a la lone wolf Lilly. Note the framed Hoff pic).

Lone wolf lilly

We'll post our favourites throughout the day on Twitter and no doubt send a load of drinks to those pictures that have truly nailed the concept of 'delirious happiness'.

Remember, tweet @innocentdrinks with #loveduplonewolf or upload to our Facebook page, and never, EVER, take yourself too seriously (we couldn't give a monkey's whether your 'other half' is actually your real other half or not - staggeringly, Claire and Jeremy are just friends - we'd just love some funny pictures).

an email from ryan

Ryan sent us an email earlier this week. We like it. A lot. Ryan is a man that knows what he likes.

"im ryan im 5 and i lik yor jooce lodsi luv bananana strorberie and greapesi asked mumee to buy me mor cos i luv them so mutchi just wantd to sey fankyou for macking nise drinks for meeeeeeei dru you a pikture of me and my drink

Here is Ryan's picture.

Ryan and his smoothie
We asked if Ryan would mind us posting his email and picture on our blog and, according to his mum, he was over the moon. 'The world needs to see my beautiful picture,' he said.

spiders up trees

Imagine coming across this on a park stroll.

Cobweb trees in Pakistan post flooding 2010 (from Kimberley)

An unexpected side effect of the 2010 flooding in parts of Sindh, Pakistan, was that millions of spiders climbed up into the trees to escape the rising flood waters; because of the scale of the flooding and the fact that the water took so long to recede, many trees became cocooned in spiderwebs.

signed guitar up for grabs

We're not really in the habit of plugging new album releases. Actually, we don't ever plug new album releases. Not even stuff by JLS. But we're happy to tell you that two very talented musicians have a new album out. It's called Area 52 by Rodrigo y Gabriela. If you've not listened to them, you should. They make nice music. And we're big fans.

Rodrigo y Gabriela Area 52 album cover

To celebrate their new album they've given us a signed Yamaha guitar to give away. The guitar's worth £500, and looks a bit like the one here, only signed (Rodrigo y Gabriela are currently touring in Mexico but will sign it when they get back to the UK next month).

Yamaha guitar

The winner will get the signed guitar and a pair of tickets to one of Rodrigo y Gabriela's February UK shows (city of your choosing). Ten runners up will get a CD of the new album posted to them.

To enter, just let us know what your favourite song of all time is* (leaving it as a comment to this post). Deadline for entries is 6pm Sunday 29th January. We'll pick a winner and ten runners up at random next week. The lucky winner will find themselves a signed guitar and a pair of gig tickets richer, ten runners up will be one very good album better off and, if nothing else, we'll all have some jolly good song suggestions to make a monster playlist from.

WINNERS UPDATE - congratulations to Laura Quinton for winning the signed guitar and gig tickets, and also our runners up Helena Marie, Steve K, Dan Brown, Myranda Love, Ian, Karl, Sarah Harman, Leo Sayer, Ali Smith, Shane Simpson, Laura Jeffs.

* Please note - the song you choose will not in any way affect your chances of winning, no matter how bad it is.