Thoughts from author: james peach

a word from granny

With the launch of our new handheld apple juice we've asked granny for a few fascinating facts about her ancestors.


Granny Smith. The perfect in'cider.

1. Did you know apples float because they are 25% air?

This is why it's apple bobbing. Not snorkelling.


2. Apples are a member of the rose family.

Do not see this as a cost saving opportunity come valentines day.


3. If you ate a different variety of apple every day it would take 27.3 years to eat one of every type grown in the world.

I would get started if i were you.


And remember, an apple a day...


... keeps the green trousered doctor away.

So join us in saluting our bobbing friends.

Lets keep those doctors running and proudly deliver a bunch of golden delicious to loved ones come valentines day.

Good work granny.

(See below on how to get your hands on some of our new little bottles of juice)

it's time to do some stuff


It's Monday, a wet front is coming in and that compliment about having caught the sun is a distant memory.

But don't be down hearted.

It's time to stop beating about the bush and try some new and exciting things to show Autumn who's boss.

No more post-sun regrets.


So put down your hobnob.

Pick up the phone.

And book that fire-breathing course in Swansea that you can't stop thinking about.


Much better.