Thoughts from author: Helena Langdon

some life advice for you

We can't claim to know a lot of things, but of this we're sure:

Do not play hide and seek with a cat.

You have no idea what you're up against.

major laser

Office Superman David is playing around with lasers today.

We don’t know why. He claims it’s because he needs to make some really straight lines, and apparently rulers aren’t good enough to do the job.

This sounds like rubbish to us, but we have to admit we’re pretty jealous that he’s now in an elite band of people who get to use lasers as part of their day job. The list now includes:

- Bond villains

- Daleks

- Jedi Knights

- Coldplay

- Superman David

Not bad company to be in.

a little insight into an innocent meeting

we discuss loads of great things during our meetings here at innocent. Sometimes we talk about what kinds of juices we like. Sometimes we talk about why pineapples are called pineapples when they’re neither pines nor apples.

And sometimes we intricately plan the meticulous process of cooking a hen’s egg. If you need proof, have a look below:


Meet Pete and Vince.

One's Scottish and the other Irish. One does something or other in finance and the other does something or other in production. In many ways they couldn't be more different.

They do secretly enjoy dressing the same, however, and try to co-ordinate their outfits as often as possible.

Checked shirts - slowly uniting the nations.

ani-merge-imals (or something)

Have you ever wondered what a photo of a penguin merged with a whale would look like?

Nah, us neither.

Norewegian student Arne Fredriksen obviously has though, after discovering that combining photos of his favourite animals was a good way of relaxing in between his chemical engineering exams. Sitting around eating a lot of biscuits works pretty well too, but each to their own.

Check out more of them here: