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follow the frog

All of the bananas in our smoothies are Rainforest Alliance certified. The Rainforest Alliance is a brilliant organisation that supports the rights and well-being of farm workers, as well as local wildlife and the environment. The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed their certified logo on the back of our smoothie carton packaging:


This week it also happens to be their third annual Follow the Frog week, and they've made this great little video to show you just how easy it is to do your bit. Trust us, it's pretty entertaining and well worth three minutes and ten seconds of your time. 

Oh, and just so you know - that Follow the Frog video was made by a nice chap with lovely silver hair called Max Joseph. As well as being down with the kids by being the co-star of the MTV programme Catfish, Max is also currently doing some filming with us for a new TV advert that's due to hit your screens early in 2014 . It's all very exciting. To follow Max's adventures filiming our advert in London, Peru and Uganda - follow us on Instagram at


stop press

We’ve had a lot of firsts here at innocent over the years: the first time we made a smoothie, the first time we sold a smoothie, the first time we found a Pritt Stick mysteriously stuck to the ceiling of the first floor for no apparent reason. Somehow, though, this first feels even more special than all of the others.

This is Ollie S 

Ollie S

He’s been with us at Fruit Towers for about a year and a half now, and when he’s not busy working in our supply chain team he likes nothing more than to cycle around the place. He prefers to cycle to work if at all possible to save the scrum of the early morning commute on a busy train, and this is all well and good except that Ollie S is quite an important man. So important in fact that he frequently has to go off to business meetings to represent innocent. The problem that Ollie's been finding is that, if he wants to cycle into work on the same day as his important business meeting, he has to stuff his respectable work shirt that he reserves solely for meetings into his rucksack, instantly creasing it. If he doesn't want a creased shirt, he has to commute into work on the train, which as we’ve already covered, he doesn’t enjoy very much.

Quite the pickle, we’re sure you can agree. It was starting to get Ollie down a bit – he’d find himself either feeling a bit sluggish from a lack of morning exercise; or a bit embarrassed when he'd turn up to one of his frequent and important business meeting with a rumpled shirt.

Not one to roll over and accept the situation in which he found himself, Ollie came up with an ingenious plan. He tirelessly lobbied the Powers That Be here in Fruit Towers, and after months of negotiation, bargaining and good old fashioned whining, we can now officially confirm that for the first time ever we now have our very own office iron and ironing board. When we interviewed Ollie he confirmed that he spent £17 on the ironing board and £15.92 on the iron. He could have bought a slightly cheaper iron but decided to splash out for the all-important ‘steam’ setting. When asked about the impact he thought the iron and ironing board would have on the morale of the employees of Fruit Towers, he modestly proclaimed that he thought his purchase would “change everyone’s lives for the better.”

Here’s a photo of our office angel Katie LD holding and enjoying the new iron

A momentus day, we're sure you'll agree. So bravo, Ollie S. A true trailblazer of our time.

hipster statues

These photos of hipster statues have been doing the rounds of certain underground internet circles for a while now, but we think it's time they went mainstream.

Photographer Léo Caillard began by first photographing a series of sculptures at the Louvre museum in Paris and then asked his friends to pose in similar positions wearing modern day clothing. Art director Alexis Persani then took over by photoshopping the hipster clothing onto the statues and their Street Stone series was born.

We nabbed the photos from here 


toilet paper art

We stumbled across these the other day and thought they were pretty special. Paris-based artist Anastassia Elias started creating art out of toilet rolls a few years ago and it has rapidly become her signature style. You can see a few of her creations below:




You can see some more of her toilet paper art here

Or for loads more of Anastassia’s work, check out her website

more new office stuff

When people make the decision to leave innocent for pastures new, we immediately slam the door in their faces and refuse to speak to them ever again.

Not really.

When people make the decision to leave innocent for pastures new, we ask everybody to send in their favourite memories of said person so that our creative team can produce for them their own golden innocent bottle, compete with a personalised label.

The completed bottles look a bit like this:

As part of the recent office refresh we’ve been having, the fourth floor now has a wall dedicated to all of the golden bottle labels we’ve created over the years.

A close up of the wall looks a bit like this:


We’ve also installed a swing ladder to make perusing the wall a bit easier. Not only does it remind us of all the lovely people we’ve met working here over the years, it also means if we’re ever bored we can stand on the ladder and imagine we’re an eccentric old Aristocrat surveying the books in our 14th Century library. Which can really break up a long afternoon.

The wall complete with swing ladder looks a bit like this:

If you’re ever in the area, pop in and give it a try. It’s pretty cool.