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play fun games and win exciting prizes


We've just made a brand new website for kids celebrating the second lot of free magnets we're giving away in special packs. Some of you may remember our big game of consequences last year which we created to celebrate the first ever magnets. Well this year we listened to lost of feedback about what kids like and it quickly became clear it's all about games, games, games. And prizes for playing the games.

So we've made 6 great games presented by each of the members of the innocent kids gang; The Dude, Ed, Chef, Specs, Bounce and Nature Girl. Play them all here and look out for the new magnet designs in special packs of our innocent smoothies for kids in the shops now.







a bee quiz


Think you know all about bees? Our friends at Thoughtful challenge you to answer these questions. The winner will receive a nice book about bees, and one runner up gets a book about allotments. Let battle commence.

1. Who was the Top Dog of Wentworth Detention Centre?

2. What film won the Oscar for best picture in 1973?

3. Name the Swedish rock band that first garnered attention in the early 2000s as a prominent group of the garage rock revival, playing garage punk.

4. What type of bees give milk?

Good luck, and please remember to save the bees, please.

andy pulls a van again

We have talked about people pulling vans before. But that was a little van. Today we switch to the big van, and a man called Andy.

Andy pulls big vans. That's what he does. He comes in early and he pulls big vans. Then he pushes them back. Then he has a shower and does his day job. He is one heck of a guy.

And today's pull was a special pull. You see, Andy is Irish and today was St Patrick's Day. He pulled harder than ever today, for the men and women back home across the sea.

zelda the lost dog

Seen in Chiswick at the weekend. Arm yourself with flapjacks if passing through W4.