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england's world cup starting 11 revealed

We don't think the papers have got hold of this yet, but we have it on good authority that Capello and Baldini nipped into the boys toilets at Fruit Towers and chalked up the team on our blackboard...


Controversially, they've gone for Albert (or Tom) Finney ahead of Ashley Cole, and it's good to see Yoda back in the starting line up after a long lay off. Bullard will always give you 160% in the engine room, and Tuffers is set to form a strong right hand side, with the Dark Knight himself in front of him. And those centre's going to get past those two.

You can compare this with the sparse team selection of a couple of months ago to see how much thinking has changed in a relatively short space of time.

Come on England.

q&a's from the day

All the questions and answers from this years AGM have now been uploaded here. We'll start you off with a question by Simon from the West Midlands.

day three of Rio and Delia get growing

April 2010_FT3 & PM visit 004

You might remember our Rio and Delia got growing earlier in the week. Here's an update from Rio with annotated pink post it notes for effect.

Well, well, well - looks at that beautiful little sprout. I've decided to name mine Sunny (nice and original). Looks like I'm winning at the moment, but is Delia's runner bean just a dark horse? Find out next time…