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are you digital? then we need you

We're looking for a new Digital Manager. It's pretty much the most exciting job at Fruit Towers - being in charge of how innocent does digital. Building websites, tending to the social media garden, creating campaigns and generally showing us how the future looks.

If it's a job that you like the sound of, have a look at the full description here. And feel free to tell your friends, family and that man who lives next door with the big computer.


bikeonic man

Yes. It is official.

Mark of the Mountains works here.


After months of training, bad B&Bs and countless missed social engagements, on 18th July, Mark got up at 4am to join 10,000 other riders in taking on on the Etape leg of the Tour de France.

NW 034[1]

The first 80km passed in a blur, followed by two very steep mountains, Marie Blanque and Soulor at which point, temperatures hit 36C and Mark had a bike chain failure.

Luckily some unnamed French legend sorted him out and after 7 hours pedaling, Mark took on the big, bad Tourmalet...


And won.

In Mark’s own words

‘It was carnage up there. People were passing out on the side, grown men were crying with exhaustion and over 3100 riders didn't finish'.

However, after the toughest 2 hours of Mark’s 32 years, he made it to the top of the Tourmalet, completing the race in 9 hours and 15 minutes (which incidentally puts him in the top 30%).

Tongue out

Best of all, Mark and his team mates raised over £60k for the Julian Starmer-Smith Lymphoma Fund in memory of the brother of Charlie (one of Mark's fellow racing buddies).

Group picture at end
Truly awe inspiring stuff.

Fans of Mark will be pleased to know he suffered no chafing injuries whatsoever and is now available for after dinner speeches and puncture repair lessons.

what happened when the monkey fought the goose?

Earlier this year, Ben and Ceri made Rich's post-it note vision of animal wrestling into a reality by putting it onto one of our big cartons(see for yourself right here).

It proved so popular that Ceri, Claire, Oli and Zoe have made the next thrilling installment.

This is what it looks like on our latest packaging

Who wins

And this is what happened in the final round where the monkey took on the goose. See it big (and actually readable) here.


the ping pong ladder


It's all about Ping Pong at Fruit Towers at the minute. And Ping Pong ladders...


If Ping Pong is your thing then you could do far worse than popping over to the Ping Pong Parlour on London's Carnaby Street between July 14 to August 14. Our very good friend Meera (who once celebrated her birthday in our post room) has a lot to do with it, which pretty much guarantees it's going to be great. Get pinging and ponging.