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win tickets to our cafe

We may have mentioned it before, but we're about to open a cafe. It's called the 5for5 cafe, and will be open for a week from this Friday 1st October, in the heart of London's slightly grubby yet hip Shoreditch.

There are a few tickets left if you fancy coming along and getting your 5-a-day for a fiver, as cooked by the delightful Gizzi Erskine. And we thought we'd dish out a couple of freebies for all of you reading this.


So, to win two tickets for dinner on Friday 8th October, just answer the simple question by leaving a comment and we'll pick a winner at random.

Which of the following vehicles has five wheels?

A. Bike

B. Tricycle

C. A car with a spare tyre in the boot

Good luck, and we'll see you at the cafe.

join our wall of peace

When we first started blogging back in 2006 we mentioned Peace One Day in a very early post. We've always been very big fans of Peace One Day and their founder Jeremy Gilley's simple but inspiring vision of "if you build a house you start with one brick, if we want to build peace why not start with one day?".

So this year along with the return of one of our most popular recipes peaches & raspberries we're helping to spread the world of Peace One Day by making a limited edition Peace One Day smoothie. Look out for them in the shops and wear the free badge that comes with every little bottle with pride.


And you can help to spread the word of Peace One Day too by simply joining our innocent wall of peace website in a couple of clicks here and then telling all your friends.


Here's to Jeremy and his small team and their ongoing mission of peace.

a seven minute interview with the worlds oldest man (in the making)

long live Alex

Our official world record contender Alex Horne was on BBC 6Music this morning talking for a whole seven minutes about his attempt to become the world's oldest man.


To listen to Alex chatting on the telephone, to a radio station, at the last minute, just click here and then fast forward to 52:30. Long live ye Alex.