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an inspiring visit to a foundation project

Pictures often speak better than words so here a a few highlights of Emilie's recent 2-day visit to innocent foundation project with Find Your Feet in Uttar Pradesh, India.

The first day started with a warm and colourful welcome.


This involved flower necklaces and face painting to fit in (kind of).


We then joined a proper mother's group and chatted about micro-loans.

Balance sheet secrets were shared.

Travelling to the second village involved a little adventure.


But it was all worth it - I was told all about the vegetable programme that Find Your Feet is running with the innocent foundation. The aim is to help the farmers diversify their crops and it's cleraly working - I got given more vegetables than I could carry.


And then the best bit: the village photo.


We ended the first day around the vegetable tree of luck - a beautiful use of my gifts.


On day 2, I thought I needed more than face paint to blend in, so Savitri helped me put on a sari -not an easy task.


The sari didn't really want to stay on after a few dance moves but this provoked roaring laughter from the local children.

We then visited one of Find Your Feet's water pumps in the middle of the fields. A great way for the villagers to grow vegetables all year round and not just in the rainsy season.


We followed this by a weaving class and general chat about setting up a business.


And last but not least - delicious Indian treats were passed round constantly. Here we have a mix of peas, biscuits, strange fruits and lumps of sugar (a rare delicacy)


calling all budding filmmakers


Ben Wheatley (the rather brilliant chap who made our advert) is holding a film making masterclass at Fruit Towers in a couple of weeks and we'd love it if a few of you could come along. After gleaning Ben's expert wisdom on films of the lo-fi and handmade variety, you'll be set loose to make your own. All you need to do is be keen, come equipped with your own filming device (whether it be your mobile phone or something distinctly fancier) and be prepared to master stick-and-string based productions.

So if you're free on the 19th Feb from about 10-4, tell us a bit more about yourself here
to throw your superhero director's cap firmly in the ring.

a hat tag update

Our Facebook hat tag competition is going great guns after just one week. So we thought we'd share some of the highlights so far...

Four legged friends are starting to become a bit of a theme.



Tagging gets creative.


And cute.



We take on whole school playgrounds.


Tagged statues and landmarks are particularly impressive.





The award for 'best hat hovering over a celebrity' boasts R Patz and Arnie amongst its tags (with slight short cuts taken to papping them granted).



And the mighty hat tag game originator Mr Luke (and colleague Pietro) put a smile on our face once again.


If you fancy getting involved just have a read of the step by step guide here, friend us up on Facebook and get tagging.

how’s your colouring in?

We’ve got a couple of vacancies in our in-house creative team here at Fruit Towers so we’re on the look out for some highly creative minds to help us come up with great packaging, branding, advertising and campaign ideas.


The two spots available are...

Head of Design, looking after our team of 5 designers, delivering all of the above and more.

Designer - a smart middleweight designer who has experience across print, packaging and generating great ideas.

If you think either of these could be you or just want some more info, check out our jobs page and apply here.

Good luck.

rice and peas and other good things

Gav's mum did something very good for us. She cooked us a load of excellent Caribbean food. Rice and peas, curry goat, curry chicken, oxtail, festival (sort of like dumplings), macaroni and cheese, peanut chicken and a few more delights.


Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Gav says "I asked her to just because I think it's great people have all these great foods coming in for us at work so I thought I'd get mum to get involved, for years she's cooked for hundreds of people at our parties and we just take it for granted. She cooked it all the day before she flew to Jamaica and I told her on the phone how much everyone loved it. She's chuffed to bits."