Thoughts from author: dan

the longest brush

This man has the longest window cleaning brush in the whole of London. It's magnificent.


As seen this morning out of the window. Also, please note the spooky ghost van on the right. Weird.

who's on the front desk?

Everyone takes a turn at helping out manning the desk in reception. Today it was Richard's turn.


Janel kept an eye on him, just to make sure he wasn't playing computer games or updating his Facebook status, which he never does anyway.


All in all, it seemed to go rather well. He didn't break anything and most calls were put through to the correct person. Well done Richard.

answers for monday, please

It's Monday, it's quiet and there are some questions that need answering:

Do pirates eat oysters? Or taramasalata?

Did David Bowie's film career peak with Absolute Beginners or Labyrinth?

Is there any lead in a modern day pencil?

Are smokers attracted to other people who smell of cigarettes (some sort of natural selection thing)?

Is Kevin Bacon related to himself?

And what music should we listen to this afternoon?


when you're writing a book...

We have a new book coming out soon. It will be introduced properly on this blog and elsewhere shortly, but before it gets to the shops, we just wanted to share a modern day parable.

If you're ever writing a book, and the deadline is looming, and your publisher is rightly asking you when it all might be ready, and the printers are getting impatient, and the boss is getting nervous, and you're wondering if you really have enough time to get everything done, don't fret. Just look at this photo and you will realise that whatever hurdles you must hurdle, whatever mountains you must climb, you can succeed. It will happen if you summon the positive mental strength. Pull the sledge.


our new home

Today the doors opened at Fruit Towers III. We've moved a few miles up the road, from Shepherds Bush to Ladbroke Grove (weirdly, just across the road from our very first office). It was a bit of a wrench, seeing as we'd been in the last place for nearly 11 years.


Thankfully, everyone seems very happy with the new place. It'll take some time getting used to but we already feel like it's ours. Once all of our crates are unpacked and the teabags have been located, we're going to get along just fine.


We're posting our finest instagrammed photos here if you fancy looking at a few more nooks and crannies.