Thoughts from author: dan

IT snacks


If you want your office to have an effective IT Support team, please feed them jerky. They love it.

(pictured: faceless IT technician and Farhad)

vote brian


Just in case you went to Cambridge University, we reckon you should do your solemn duty and vote for Brian Blessed to be the new Chancellor of said establishment. The story is here, and guidelines for voting are here.

good for nothing - feeling helpful?


Our friends at Good for Nothing are running a rapid response event this weekend, to try to raise money and awareness for the famine crisis in east Africa, where one child is dying every six minutes and, according to the UN, 3.2 million Somalians are in need of immediate lifesaving assistance in the worse drought in over 60 years. The fundraising efforts are struggling to keep up to fund the relief effort.

They started last week with this where anyone can upload a potential web based money raising idea, which they will then prototype and build during the event this weekend - information on the weekend's events right here.

Get involved.

dropping science (and fruit)


We're making a new TV advert. The clever ones among you will be able to tell that it features fruit. Using the latest "dropping fruit from a rickety bit of scaffolding" technique, we are hoping to make something beautiful, entertaining and innocent in its nature.


Pete ("the best in the business") is looking after the fruit. He picks it, preens it and sometimes talks to it.


Helen is the director. She's firm but fair, and is guiding us towards sunlit uplands.


And the fruit just keeps rolling. Down chutes, from wires and pretty much every other way you can imagine that fruit could be propelled. We will stop at nothing until we have made fruit do every trick in the book.