Thoughts from author: Charlotte a

the manston village fete


On Saturday a bit of rare sunshine shone down on the Manston village fete in Dorset. I popped down there to help my mum out with her annual coconut shy duties. Apart from a smashing cream tea, other highlights from the fete included the Shaftesbury Town Band...


...the Stour Lacemakers, with their amazing antique bobbins and nimble fingers...


...lots of fruit and veg...


...the Sturminster Newton majorettes...


...and Sam's coconut victory...


ball in the bucket


This weekend our mini fete made its way to the Cornbury music festival near Oxford, where among other highlights such as The Proclaimers, Echo and the Bunnymen and Blondie, our ball in the bucket game was clearly a big hit.

blueberry fields


You learn something every day. Today I discovered that the blueberries in our smoothies are wild blueberries, picked from the forest floor in Poland. Here's another picture of their forest:


What a nice place to grow.



Turophiles = lovers of cheese, derived from 'tyro', which is greek for cheese, don't you know. Yesterday was the monthly meeting of cheese club here at Fruit Towers. Each month we choose a theme (past favourite - cheeses with funny coatings). After a round of tasting, we vote for our favourite, which gets shortlisted into the annual cheese-off in December. Yesterday's theme was Italian cheeses and we tried Bel Paese (rather like Dairylea), Taleggio, Torta Gorgonzola, Fontina, Pecorino Rosso and Dolcelatte. Taleggio won.

lovely kew


This is Phil who works at Kew Gardens (sorry about the slightly rubbish photo Phil). He very kindly gave us rides around in his electric buggy when we were over there yesterday to do a little bit of filming for our new telly advert. The gardens are looking really lovely right now - we found out it takes 800 people to keep them that way. We'd recommend a visit if you possibly can.