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when you're tired of running...

Post_run_kip_43_1's nice to have a beanbag to hand

There comes a time in every champion athlete's career when he or she has to up their game in order to move on to the next level of physical supremacy. And so that time has come in our training. Gone are the mornings where we could fit a nice little 4 mile run in before work and still have time for showers, breakfast and hairstraightening.

This week, the tiredness has properly kicked in. The runs are getting longer and getting to work in time to fit in a 7 mile run is proving a challenge in itself. With only 8 weeks to go to the start line, the pressure is on to keep up our motivation and momentum without falling asleep during our cool down stretches.

So, we’d love any tips you have on improving our energy levels in general.

These are some of the suggestions we’ve had so far:

a banana

a big cup of coffee

a mascot to cheer us on our training runs

Tiredness aside, we have found something that has made running more fun. Celebrity spotting whilst pounding the pavements.

On-the-jog celebrity spot #1: Whilst running on Hampstead Heath last w/e, Ceri puffed past former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell, who was looking all rosy cheeked while pushing her lovely little baby.

On-the-jog celebrity spot #2: Eloise ran past Bridget Jones author Helen Fielding as she was rushing to catch a train. It sort of counts.

So, while you’re thinking of ways to help us keep on running, we’d love any favourite London running routes you might have for our long runs at the weekends.

Ideally, we’re looking to do between 13-18 mile runs over the next few weekends.

Potential celebrity spots optional.