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what the blob?

Is it a fancy paperweight?

The blob

An executive armrest?

A thing to wave at people to 'really drive' your point home?

No one is really quite sure but it’s been hanging off Rich’s desk for a while now. It’s made of some sort of semi breakable glass, is very smooth and rather heavy.

Rich is climbing Mont Blanc this week so is unable to confirm what said weird glassy blob is.

If you know or have an idea, tell us right here and once Rich is back from the summit, we'll get him to tell us what that summat is (sorry).

your words made t-shirt

Dry cleaning, picking the cat up from the vet, eating your 5-a-day - all things we know we need to do but more than often forget.


Thankfully, the excellent folk at howies are putting an end to all that. Or at least one of them.

Their T-shirt of the Month competition this month is to pen some words to remind you to eat your 5-a-day (or at least some green stuff as well as the beige).

The favourite 5 entries will be put to the people on Facebook, with the most 'liked' entries designed into a T-shirt of the Month for all and sundry to buy.

The lucky winner will also receive a copy of our new family recipe book Hungry? and 5 tasty howies t-shirts with their design on.

To enter and help thousands remember to eat their reds, greens and yellows, just click here

canal cruisin'

This is John


John drives the Angel Boat


Inside, you can make bacon sandwiches in the kitchen


And then get some kip afterwards in one of the 12 bunks.

John took the Creative team for an overnight boating trip down the canal the other week

He picked us up from outside Fruit Towers


Showed us how to do the locks



Gave extra special help to those who needed it

How not to

Let us stop off at Camley Street Nature Park for a spot of big top brainstorming and lunch


He even let us have a go at steering until Delia took us through a tunnel and steered us into the wall


Post tunnel gormless glaze


After unlocking, relocking, doing lots of work and waving at tourists along the way, we then got to kip over in bunks and eat leftover chips for breakfast.

It was ace.


You can hire John and The Angel Boat for a day, an evening or an overnight trip and as it’s a charity, all the money goes to taking kids and local community groups on boating holidays.

If you fancy booking a trip yourself or finding out more, have a look right here.

gig of the year

Forget Fruitstock, get over Glastonbury and don’t even bother with that festival that you have to dress up like a fish for.


For there is only one gig to be at this summer and it’s happening at the 02 Shepherds Bush Empire on Friday 29th July.

Yes, that’s right. Precisely three years after their last public performance at the Village Fete ‘08, the innocent band are back for one night only. And it is going to rock.

The band 08

If you missed the innocent band the last time round, now is your chance to come and see the people who make your smoothies by day, rock out by night.

Here they are, taking five during a rehearsal to sup on their OJ rider. Band

Next Friday, this is where they're going to be


They’re on stage at 7:15pm sharp (meaning you can come along and watch and still make it home for Newsnight after) and tickets are on sale right now.

So if you fancy rocking out next Friday, buy yourself a ticket right here.

N.B Imogen Heap won't be playing. We thought we should say that just in case you saw that picture at the top, got all excited, bought a ticket and then turned up to be nothing but bitterly disappointed. It's never a way to start a w/e.

a proper feastival


The excellent Anna Jones (who created the recipes for our new family recipe book, Hungry?) came along with me to Jamie Oliver’s Feastival on Clapham Common last weekend to talk about the book, make some recipes with kids and dust off the old Blendavenda smoothie bike.


Here we are before the carnage ensued


Fruit prepped, ingredients laid out and head mikes donned, we got kids making the old bread and squashed tomato salad and fruit mess recipes from the book and then followed it with a bun fight to see who got to pedal the smoothie bike first


Though the fighting was mainly amongst all the mums and dads trying to have a go.

Thanks to everyone who came along, squashed, pedalled and ate the results.

Hopefully we'll be going along to more things like this over the summer and we'll be sure to give you plenty of warning the next time we do