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the glass blob - revealed

Rich is back from the mountains, so after week’s of pondering and having fake telephone conversations, we can now reveal that the glass blob on his desk is actually

[Drum roll, dramatic pause, sharp intake of breath]

A sculpture by artist, Julian Wild.


Rich acquired said sculpture at a friend's charity auction and brought it to work as he liked it so much. So there you go.

Not Alex Mack. Not a cosmic slug. And not Richard's work soul. But a piece of art called Crystal.

Now that's all cleared up, tune in next week to play 'What's that thing under Tansy's desk?'.

best in show

The allotment hut

Back in March, our SJ and her partner, Steph, took over a half plot on the Granville Park allotment site.

Their plot was overgrown, very weedy and in need of some love (and a lot of digging).

Couch grass mountain

Fast forward lots of hard graft to August and it’s now bursting with fruit, veg and a smart new shed.

Allotment 011

Our new shed

Last weekend, SJ and Steph entered their finest cauliflower (back row, second along), some courgettes and a giant potato into the annual Granville Allotment competition.

Allotment 018

Sadly, they didn’t win any prizes (mainly because the board was swept by old timers Derek, Sue (best flowers) and Granville (onions) but they got to pick up loads of tips, learn just how big an onion can grow and taste a lot of homemade jam.

Tea time

This is Granville's winning onion (his name has no influence over the competition whatsoever. Allegedly)

The winning giant onion

Steph did win the 'Guess the Weight of the Cake' cake, correctly guessing it weighted 6.2kg.

So they didn’t go home empty handed.

Guess the weight of the cake

Granville Park have been so impressed with SJ and Steph's efforts that they've since given them the other half plot next to theirs to tend.

Both SJ and Steph are now busy planning what to plant for next year, reading The Little Book of Slugs and figuring out how to whup Granville in 'Best Onion' next year.

If you're a green fingered sort and have any top tips on anything from broad bean husbandry through to clever planting or raised beds made easy, please post your tips below and SJ will try the best ones out.

You might even get a special invite along to next year's show (or a pot of homemade jam) by way of thanks.

a tiny friday creative drama

[The Creative Corner on the 4th floor of a tower somewhere in West London, just before 4 o’clock on Friday afternoon.]


“That’s not my plastic bag. It’s Tim’s”

“Shut up. It’s not mine”

“Yes it is. It’s got your tomato sticker from lunch on it. And all these cups – they are not mine.”

“ Yeah, well they’re not mine either, Annika.”

“Yes they are”

“No, they’re not. This one’s got tea in it and I’ve not had tea in ages. What, so you're saying people come and put their cups on your desk in the night?”

“Seriously they are not mine. I don’t drink 3 cups a day. And see all these books? That’s Gurdeep’s, that’s Amy’s and that is someone else’s. Seriously, people just come and put stuff on my desk.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. Coz’ people just like sitting in my seat, okay?”

[Silence. Knowing looks. Pointed shuffling of tea cups. More silence. More pointed crockery shuffling]

grassy road trip

Ever since we published our family recipe book Hungry? back in May, lots of people have been asking us if we're going to do a book tour.

Because, after all, every good book deserves a good book tour

Especially a grass covered one

So that's exactly what we're going to do


From 9th-24th September, the Hungry Grassy Van (HGV) will be hitting the road to take tasty, healthy food to the nation.

Using recipes from Hungry?, we'll be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in all the places we visit.

Dishes will cost between £2 or £3 or you can tick off your 5-a-day for just £5 with our special meal deal


The tour kicks off in London before heading on to Bristol, Manchester and Glasgow and then back to London again

And you can win the chance for the HGV to come along and visit your event

If you live in one of the places above and are having a school fayre, cricket match, jumble sale or a late summer BBQ for your street around those dates, the HGV could be serving up veggie burgers and rainbow chips for all your guests


To enter, all you need to do is tell us why you the HGV should visit your event in 100 words

You have until the 29th August to enter and we'll pick a winner for each city we visit

We'll let you know more details about the HGV tour closer to the time

For now though, you can find out a bit more by clicking here