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The Ultimate veg growing cheat sheet

We've posted about Anglian Home's veg growing cheat sheets before because they are the best veg growing cheat sheets of all the veg growing cheat sheets that are probably out there. But the new veg growing cheat sheet they've come up with has blown all of the other veg growing cheat sheets out of the water.

You can let it know where you are and where you're going to be growing the veg so it can personalise a plan just for you.

So go. Sow. Grow. Low.

Sourcing our strawberries

Strawberries. Whether they’re foraged at a pick-your-own, served with a side of cream at the tennis or crushed lovingly into our drinks, they’re pretty delicious. To make sure that only the finest fruit makes it into our recipes, our berry team travel to sunny Southern Spain every April to see for themselves how our fruit is grown.


After several years of buying Spanish strawberries, we’ve managed to build our very own innocent supply chain in the region. This ensures that only the farmers who grow their strawberries sustainably – the innocent approved growers - are able to supply the fruit for our drinks. 

For the last 5 years, we’ve been working with farmers in the region on a project to reduce the amount of water used to grow their strawberries.  The project has been so successful that we’re now sharing the findings with other farmers in the region, and have made a short film about it (which we’ll be sharing very soon).

We are very fussy about which strawberries make it into our drinks – we only use the very best and tastiest. We are so fussy that we even have a special label that our growers stick on the pallets to show which strawberries have the special innocent stamp of approval.


During their visit, the berry team look at lots of different areas of the strawberry growing and picking process; from the big stuff, such as making sure that workers have decent accommodation and food and water throughout the day, to making sure the trays that the strawberries are harvested into are super clean.

We will keep striving to make sure that our strawberries, and the people that grow them, are well taken care of because sourcing delicious fruit ethically is at the heart of the way we do things here at innocent (and always will be).

And at the end of a long day, it’s great to see we can source the best strawberries while working on protecting the environment too.

we don't understand it but we know we love it



All you need to know about this photo is that it's a dog called Oliver wearing two hand-drawn innocent smoothie labels as glasses, which were made by a lady called Louise. Now, just take it in. Savour it. Reflect on what it is you have seen. And then go about your day as normal.

Hard to beet

Bacon and maple syrup. Batman and Robin.  John and Edward. We all know that it's strangely satisfying when odd and unexpected things match each other perfectly, so when Briony sent us this photo of her skip to the beet fruit and veg juice perfectly complementing her shoes this week, we rejoiced. 


We asked Briony if we could share the photo of this burgundy-coloured miracle on our blog. She replied "Really? Haven't you got anything better to write about?" Clearly not everyone appreciates a perfect colour match when they see one.

Mr and Mrs Crow


Mr and Mrs Crow are about to be parents. They're nervously waiting for three brand new baby birds to hatch from the eggs Mrs Crow laid a few weeks before. While they wait, they are handed an innocent smoothie. They love it, because "birds love innocent, and so does everyone". This is the new advert idea that Samuel Wiffin pitched to us in the form of an amazing illustration this week. 

Move aside Badrul – it's Mr and Mrs Crow's time to shine.