Thoughts from author: Ailana Kamelmacher

older and wiser

Imagine if you were an ancient tree… You’d have seen an awful lot in your time. In particular in the arena of men’s fashion: men in leather jerkins, men in velvet puffy pantaloons, and most recently men in tracksuits that rustle as they walk. And perhaps seeing all that might make you think the first lot, who had no time for passing sartorial whims, had it right.

If you have time this weekend then head down to the woods to pay your respect to the wise old trees. And if a tree is so old that three people can barely hug it, tell the Woodlands Trust. They’re trying to log all the best and most ancient trees in the land. And good luck to them we say.


here’s a picture of some of us trying to check how old a tree is

a mighty seed


As you know we are big fans of nature here at innocent. So it was with great excitement that Ailana went along to the Eden Project for the opening of the biggest ever stone sculpture in the world. It weighs as much as ten elephants and is part of their brand new education centre. She says it is ‘easily the best thing’ she’s seen this year, so we highly recommend you get down to Eden to have a nose around, learn a it more about nature, and admire ‘the seed’. It was sculpted by a very talented man called Peter Randall-Page. Sadly she couldn’t make it down in time for the Peter Gabriel concert the night before, but apparently he’s a big fan too.

And here's a picture of them burying a time capsule underneath it. The Queen wrote a letter to go in it and everything...