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loo rolls

If we asked you to name as many creative uses for a used toilet roll it would take a good few hours of brain power before any of us came up with these beauties.


Parisian based artist-illustrator Anastasia Elias creates these intricate paper cuts from a bunch of old loo rolls. We salute your creative paper cutting, scalpel wielding prowess.





a little film about little films


On a very rainy Saturday four weeks ago, we held a little workshop here at Fruit Towers to launch our mini movies competition. Ben Wheatley- film director, very funny chap, and the maker of our superhero ad- spent the day with us, talking about his own experience, sharing top tips, and helping our film makers' make their own little mini movies on the day.

This is our little video about the day- thanks to Mark and Dan for all the time they put into making this for us:

To find out how you could get your work on TV, and win £5000, take a peak here here.

art corner

Isabel bottle art
When set a project to create an Andy Warhol-style picture, 14 year old Isabel chose to use innocent for her inspiration. The finished piece is above and I'm sure you'll all agree, it's an A* all round. Thanks to her Dad for sending it in.

a musical odyssey

I went off to the D&AD new blood show last night for a bit of creative inspiration from the next generation of young creative go-getters. It was great to see some of the students working on self initiated briefs for innocent (unfortunately I didn't have a camera so can't share their work with you). But here is my own highlight of the show by the very talented Eleanor Stewart from Glasgow School of Art. Well worth a watch.


dingle dangle


If you're still stuck for Christmas presents we've just spotted these miniature sized innocent kids drinks ear rings on ebay. Very original.

Note: Although we can't vouch for the legitimacy of external websites and sellers, the maker of these ear rings (mr walker) has sold 27 items on ebay and has 100% positive feeback, which makes him a pretty safe bet in our book.