Thoughts from category: around fruit towers

A sneak peek at our new labels

Our smoothie carton packaging is due a bit of a refresh soon, so our Kirsty's pencil has been working overtime drawing up lots of ideas for the new labels. So far, she's got what looks like a banana and a strawberry on a stick, a huge tap and a naked woman half buried in some sand wearing a floral wreath. We love it already.


If there's anything you'd like to see on our new packaging, do let us know in the comments. You never know, it might just make it on to Kirsty's sketchpad and then THE WORLD.

How to stay cool (according to the 5th floor in fruit towers)

We've been enjoying a lovely spell of weather recently (and fully encourage you to go forth and bask while you still can). However, if there ever comes a time when your body temperature feels like it might bring you dangerously close to combustion, the people of the 5th floor in fruit towers recommend doing one of the following:


If you're up for that last one, just let us know (we'll provide the water balloons).

Adventure Times

Recently, we’ve been hankering after a good, old-fashioned adventure. You know, one where you have to use the knots you learnt in Scouts, sleep in a hammock and potentially wield more than three settings on your Swiss army knife. However, fruit towers is stationed firmly in London so finding the time to go off into the wilderness to fill our lungs with fine English country air and ramble about a bit can be slightly tricky.

Step up Alastair Humphreys, seasoned adventurer and all-round nature superhero.

He runs micro adventures for people who find it difficult to fit exploration and getting back to nature into their 9 to 5 routine. He shows them that there are adventures to be found very close to home, if you just take the time to seek them out.

We enlisted his adventurous services and he kindly agreed to take the best team in the business (the Marketing team, naturally) to a mystery location and lead us through some of England’s finest countryside to a makeshift campsite under the trees.

There, we spent the night building a fire, cooking a mean beef stew and sleeping under the stars, before heading off bright and early to catch the train back to work in the morning.

We all fell a little bit in love with Al on the trip, and have been buried in his book ever since. We would definitely recommend embarking on a #microadventure of your own - we came back feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and slightly braver than we were before.

You can buy Alastair’s books, take a look at his beautiful website or follow him on twitter and facebook.

Twist and shout

Ever wondered what the most awkward thing to put in a lift would be?

Well, wonder no more as you gaze upon our brand new Twister lift, just installed here at fruit towers:


So, now we can play Twister in the lift. Great. Intimate team bonding, here we come. We bet your right hand is green with envy.

We post quite a lot about the goings on of fruit towers on our instagram account, so if you fancy seeing what we're up to on a regular basis you can have a look here 

A wee story

Over the years, we've been sent some lovely things from our drinkers. Other times, we’ve been sent some weird things from our drinkers. We’ll let you decide which category the following letter from John Collins falls under:


We just hope he’s careful not to mix the bottles up afterwards.

If you’ve got any unorthodox uses for our bottles we…think…we’d love to hear about them in the comments (those advertising campaigns aren't going to come up with themselves), so be sure to let us know.