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tape marks the spot

We got pretty excited the other day when we spotted this on the floor of fruit towers:


Unfortunately by the time we'd popped home to pick up our metal detector and astro-turf removal device (may or may not exist) the treasure had already been pilfered. That, or David had found a better place to store his lunch money (in his pocket).

the club off

Hockey Club and Climbing Club are meeting at the same time tonight. People are having to choose sides. Things are getting ugly.


We also have a sneaking suspicion that the free money may in fact be a few old Euro's found in the bottom of Sarah's draw from her skiing trip in February. 

We'll take them.

finding your feet and currying for change

We had some cool visitors today. Savitri, Lynn and Hannah from Find Your Feet have been here for a meeting about the latest project that the innocent foundation has been funding. Here they are giving rather good pose with Kate, innocent foundation manager, and our Catherine. 

The innocent foundation and Find Your Feet are old friends: they’ve worked together for 10 years now, ever since the innocent foundation began in 2004. After the meeting Savitri, who heads up Find Your Feet in India, gave a talk updating us all on the project. It’s helping over 300 women in a remote area of Northern India to address the root causes of their poverty and empowering them to build secure futures for themselves and their families. Development is a long journey, as Savitri explained to us, but the results so far are hugely impressive.

Thanks for coming in, ladies, and for being brilliant. It was great to see you as always.

PS Keen to do your bit to help? How about hosting a Curry for Change evening with your friends or family? Or anyone really. Workmates or neighbours or those people you met on that internet forum for canal and barge enthusiasts. You can eat in or out, and just need to ask guests to make a donation, which will go to support the brilliant work that Find Your Feet do. Sign up online and you’ll receive a pack containing recipes and free spices from Natco Foods. Every pound you raise will be doubled by Natco, and the host who raises the most will win a masterclass with Michelin starred chef Atul Kochhar. If even the thought of free spices doesn’t spur you into wanting to cook, you can head to a restaurant or get a takeaway, and ask everyone to thrown in a few extra quid for charity. What a curry on. 

fruit towers under...attack?

We're being invaded by abseiling orange people. Send help.

Also, orange totally clashes with the cranberry in our logo so if this photo is used in the press after we're all dead would you mind editing that out? Cheers.

August Prank Days

We do get work done. Sometimes. We promise. But, every now and again, we might partake in an activity that takes us away from our jobs for, like, a second, and it comes in the form of playing pranks on our colleagues. Is there anything better, or more satisfying, than a well-executed work place prank? We think not. August was busier on the pranking front than most, so we thought we’d compile a little August pranking round-up so we can look back on the trouble we caused.

First up, the case of Lilly’s cupboard. Lilly spends a lot of time down in the products kitchen developing new recipes, she’s not at her desk very often. So, her desk mates thought they’d see how much of her stuff they could remove from her desk and put into the cupboard behind her without her noticing. The answer is - a lot:

Rio went on holiday for a week. When she came back her keyboard looked like this:


Megan announced that she was leaving us to head off to Canada. So we covered her phone in elastic bands (it seemed like the obvious thing to do):


One of Megan’s favourite things to do around the office was to leave Post-Its for her colleagues saying 'loser’, so we decided to return the favour:


On her last day we made her a cardboard cage around her desk to stop her from leaving. It worked - she seemed to like it (but she did still leave):


When Priya returned to her desk after a meeting, she found her business cards like this (they got progressively more abusive):


It was Mark’s birthday and he didn’t tell anyone (to avoid the inevitable song and birthday bumps). As revenge, we christened him ‘Mrs Lovely’ for the day and bought him a Disney princess cake:


Finally, Duncan let it slip that he liked the middle part of the Oreo the best. His honesty was rewarded with a super Oreo constructed out of the middles of many Oreo’s. We’re not sure he loves them so much any more:


Remember: it doesn’t count as bullying if you describe it as “affectionate”. We think.