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casting our net far and wide



You might remember our AGM, we went on about it a bit a while ago. Well, along with adding all the video footage we filmed on the day to the AGM bit of our website we've just created a brand new iTunes AGM podcast for all of the videos to live.

So if you fancy downloading the full 2009 Q&A session, any individual questions or an overview of the whole day (set to an uplifting beat) onto your brand new iPhone to watch on the bus in the morning, go hear.

cake by post


Di came along to our AGM the other week and after seeing how partial we all are to a bit of cake, she very kindly sent us some of her Suffolk rusks in the post.


They taste lovely warmed up with some butter and some jam (according to Kat H).

Thanks, Di

a little film about our AGM


Jim (or Fit Jim as he is known to the ladies of Fruit Towers) has made an excellent little film all about our second AGM that we held a couple of weeks ago.

Cake, questions, a bike called Sherbert - it's all captured right here, in full technicolour video format, for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy.

(Sadly there are no close ups of Jim. He's a professional/modest sort of chap like that)

q&a's from the day


As we promised we filmed all of the Q&A bit from Saturday's AGM for everyone who couldn't make it. We've just uploaded each and every question here. There were twenty four questions asked in total so we'll start you off with the very final question of the day...

Watch the other twenty three here.