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12:25 AGM agenda


Here's what's happening today


Dan is compering


Aslam is in charge of music


But it's Joe who is running today's show

Here he is hydrating himself.


His dad, Alastair, has also come along to help out


The bell and the shoes have been specially polished


Luke's here

Luke (wearer of the consumer cam hat) has arrived


Tom (the hat creator) is also here to in case of any techincal difficulties/wardrobe malfunctions


The camera is currently set to take a snap every 3 minutes so you never know when you're going to end up on film.

Tom's thumb got papped at 11:44, just checking everything was in working order

Tom thumb

(The shiny bit to the bottom left is the window light getting through. Tom does not have see through digits)

11:31am AGM begins

The sun is shining, the bunting is out all the way along the drive and our third AGM has just kicked off

The ladies of the kitchen are full armed for smoothie making later on


Heather's mystery table of ribboned wrapped objects is ready (more on that later)


The tasting stations are poured and waiting


The cakes are here


And the gym has been turned into a sustainable forest (complete with bird song and primates)


People are arriving and getting their name badge for the day

Beanbags spots are filling up nicely


Soon as everyone has arrived, Joe's dad is going to kick things off in style.

Joe is using a state of the art timekeeping device to make sure things run to schedule.

It might look like the same clock as last year

But it's got loads better.

the world's first head mounted iPhone App

Here's one last update on the AGM consumer cam before it launches as 'the world's first head mounted iPhone application' with a fanfare tomorrow morning. If only Tomorrow's World was still on the telly we'd be famous for something other than smoothies. Potentially.


What's it all about?

To mark our 3rd annual innocent AGM this Saturday May 22nd 2010 we have commissioned London design partnership RIG to create a 'consumer cam' which will record the day's events live from an attendee's head. This hat mounted live feed consists of an iPhone, hosting a bespoke app that takes photos every few minutes, elegantly sellotaped to a climbing helmet. These photos are then uploaded to the dedicated website which is fed by flickr and twitter and geo location updates live from the consumer cam for around 8 hours on the day of the AGM (10am-6pm).


Who's going to wear it?
In the full spirit of social media democracy, we invited our community of digital followers on twitter, facebook and those in the innocent family to apply to wear the hat on the day. Luke Wicker (@lukeandwilf) was chosen as the final winner to wear the camera with Jo Walters (@jowalters) acting as his understudy in case of illness.

How was it made?
The iPhone app automatically uploads geotagged photos to Flickr. A bespoke website then weaves these with messages from @innocentAGMcam on twitter to provide a single place for Luke's perspective on the event. The idea was worked up over a fry-up around the corner from the RIG studio from an original brief to ‘interpret the AGM from a consumers perspective along side innocents own’. The consumer cam was tinkered together over the space of 4 weeks in the RIG studio. Progress reports on it’s development can be found in the AGM category of innocent’s daily blog.

And here's what it currently looks like. Be sure to tune in between 10am to 6pm on Saturday (the actual AGM bit is from 12 noon to 4pm) or check back next week to view the full archive.

AGM countdown...

Our AGM is taking place this Saturday and preparations are well under way.

The welcome arch is firmly in place.


The beans bags have been plumped.


The grass has been hoovered.


And desks everywhere are being frantically tidied to make sure everything is in ship shape, tip top condition for Saturday.

The consumer cam is currently sat on Ted's desk (and spookily on his computer screen too).


If you can't wait till next week's update, you'll be able to get up-to-the-minute updates right here, live from Luke's head on the day.


Thanks to everyone who submitted and voted for questions to be put to Rich, Adam and Jon in the Q&A session.

We've counted up the votes and the top six questions that will be asked on the day are as follows:

1. Will you ever expand to the United States? We have nothing as good here.

2. Does innocent have any plans to introduce a kind of veg pot that doesn't have to be heated?

3. Are you able to make a smoothie entirely from ingredients grown in Great Britain - even if it is only a seasonal one?

4. What is going to change now that Coca Cola is a major shareholder in the company?

5. Will you consider lowering the price of your veg pots to make them a more affordable option at lunch time?

6. Why oh why is there no more innocent village fete? It is my favourite thing to do in London. Will it be coming back?

Big thanks to Nannina, Lilly, Simon, Michael, Sam and Lors for their winning questions.

We'll post a full debrief of the day's events right here next week.

For now, it's all hands to the desk tidying.