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the calm before the meeting


Our fourth AGM kicks off at 11:30AM today


The all important coffee run has been done


Our town crier (who also happens to be Joe's dad, Alistair) is warming up outside


The kettle is on


The chairs are out (including the posh VIP ones)


Soundchecks and rehearsals are all done


And the special yellow bike is here

All we need now is the people


four great ways to keep up-to-date with the innocent AGM

Four great ways to keep up-to-date with all the innocent AGM goings on from the comfort of your own (or someone elses) bed.

The AGM consumer cam - see what the day looks like from Jack's head (actually an iPhone taped to a helmet) live from about 10.30am.

Twitter - we'll be tweeting throughout the day, remember to use #innocentAGM

Facebook – we have a special AGM Q&A session with innocent co-founder Richard Reed at 12.30pm (Saturday 8th, 2011).

Follow us on instagram (search innocentsmoothies) or take a look here for visual updates throughout the day.

return of the consumer cam

Each year we hold an AGM (a grown up meeting) at Fruit Towers. We document the day ourselves via our blog and Twitter and so on but we thought it'd be nice if those people who couldn't come along to our AGM in person could see what the day was like from a punter's point of view, so to speak. So last year we worked with some very clever people at the Really Interesting Group to create the world's first consumer cam.

Here is an early mock up of what we thought it might look like.

Consumer cam high tech
In the end it looked way more high tech. Loads more sellotape.

Luke and cons cam

Luke wore it last year. He said it was 'a bit hot, but really good'. And when Luke says something is a bit hot, but really good, you know you're on to a winner.

We asked our followers on Twitter if they'd like to wear it this year, and Jack said he'd be delighted to. Here he is, looking delighted.

Jack the lad
You can read more about the consumer cam here, but if you'd like to see the camera in live action, from the top of a delighted Jack's head, be sure to head to our special website here, where pictures from inside Fruit Towers will upload live every couple of minutes from 11am on Saturday 8th October.

two short films about our 2010 AGM

Every year for the last few years we've had an innocent AGM and every year we try to share the event with as many people as possible, not just those lucky enough to be picked at random to come along on the day. That's why we celotaped an iPhone to a climbing hat this year and stuck it on Luke's head for the day.

And that's why we've made not one but two short films about this year's AGM for your viewing pleasure. Here's one (the edited highlights version).

And here's two (the from the people who were there version).

An amazing day indeed.

q&a's from the day

All the questions and answers from this years AGM have now been uploaded here. We'll start you off with a question by Simon from the West Midlands.