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bid for a piece of history


We've put the pink tshirt up for auction on eBay. You know, the one that's worn in our new TV advert. To be honest, it was sitting under my desk doing nothing in particular, so we thought that if we auctioned it off, we could raise a few quid for Wellchild in the process. Everyone's a winner.

Well, actually, only one person will technically be a winner, but you get the idea.

So bid now, bid well and bid high. A good charity will benefit. And if you're lucky, maybe one day this will happen:

YOU: "Do you remember that advert for innocent where the bearded man wears that pink tshirt?

FRIEND: "I think so. Is it the one with the dancing frog in it?"

YOU: "No. But there is a bloke with a beard who wears a pink tshirt. And guess what?"


we're back on the telly

We've just made a brand new telly ad, bright and fresh for the New Year (you can see our previous two here and here). It stars our very own Dan, who has worked here since we started, has got a good beard (he shaved a bit for the ad), writes the funny stuff on our labels and is responsible for the vast majority of our blog posts.

We hope you like it.

kama aina


You may remember that on our last TV advert, there was some very calm and beautiful music. Well, the man who made the music (Tokyo's very own Takuji Aoyagi - that's him going for a swim in the picture) has just released a new album under the name of Kama Aina, which is his solo project. The album is called Club Kama Aina. If we had to choose a word to describe it, we'd choose mellifluous.

Buy it from Amazon, iTunes, eMUSIC or Posteverything

And find out more at Rumraket, Kama Aina's record label, based in Copenhagen.

filming in the park


We start selling drinks in Denmark very soon. One of the first things we need is a little advert that will be shown on instore TV in some of the places where we'll be selling our drinks.

Before something like this gets made, we always ask the question 'can we make it ourselves?' Sometimes we need help from the professionals, but often the job is simple enough for us to do on our own. Besides, if you don't try to do stuff yourself, you'll never learn how to do new things.

As this ad will only be 12 seconds long and just needs to say "Hello. We're innocent. Fancy buying our drinks?" we figured that we could handle it. So I phoned up our friends Ed and Jerry (they should do ice cream) and they came down to help. Ed is the friend who helped us make our first TV advert in Gunnersbury Park last year. There were three of us there that day as well.


This time we chose Wimbledon Park. It's a bit closer to Ed's house and there were still a few blades of green grass if you looked hard enough. It was a sunny day, we got the vital 12 seconds, and we're off to Jim's house at the weekend to edit it. Couldn't be easier.

the music


A person known as 'a tree' just commented on the music in our advert. He/she says:

" slightly clarify on the music side. the track is called the coo coo bird 1 and is widely available on the kama aina collection, music activist, on geographic music via domino. kama aina is one of the guises of takuji aoyagi, an amazing japanese musician, who is a sometime contributor to world standard. coo coo bird 1 which features on the ad is his composition and his music is very often in this style - odd and melodic and slightly melancholic. if you want to buy music activist (with coo coo bird 1) you should be able to get it here..."

Thanks for the info.