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kids needed for TV fame


We're going to be making a TV advert for our kids smoothies very soon, and we thought we'd ask you if you knew of any smart kids who might like to be in it. We need a boy or a girl, aged about 9-10, who is natural, fresh-faced and perhaps slightly cheeky (but without any stage school affectations – no Mini-Pops).

The prize awaiting the winner is a trip to somewhere nice to make the advert (with a parent/guardian, of course) plus a year’s supply of smoothies, and we’re looking to film very soon, in the week commencing 2nd April, so the winner will need to be available to travel during that week.

Parents should send photos of their future stars to and put ‘TV star’ in the ‘Subject’ box, remembering to stick their contact details and their kid’s details (name/age) in the email too.

Time is short - we need entries by midday on Friday 23rd March. So don't delay...

gerald - the winner


Here's Gerald - the man who won the pink tshirt. He sent us a picture so we could see what he looks like, but he isn't wearing the pink tshirt yet. It's still in its wrapping:

"While the famous pint t-shirt has not yet been unwrapped from the red ribbon, let alone taken out of the green bag it came in, I thought I'd send you a quick email with a picture attached so you don't have to use one of a baseball player, even if he does look kinda cool and has a better signature than me, just because there are very few Geralds in this world!"