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great adverts of our time

Before we go home for the weekend, here's something good that Stu found. A German advert for laxatives.


Well, made us laugh anyway.

our felicity's on the telly


Please say hello to Felicity. Felicity is one of our product developers here which means she is responsible for coming up with new recipe ideas and then making sure they taste just right.

As the creator of our brand new blackberries, raspberries and boysenberries recipe, we thought it only fair that Felicity star in our other new telly ad.

In anticipation of all the fan mail she’ll be receiving, here’s a few more facts about our Fliss:

  • She likes baking (her speciality is a coconut macaroon)
  • She does a good cross stitch
  • She is a member of the Rabbit Welfare Association and has two of her own rabbits called Pistachio and David. You must pronounce David as 'Davv-id' or he will give you the cold shoulder.

  • Not one to let fame go to her head, she’s already back in the kitchen working on her new creation. All she will divulge at this point is that it is 'very fruity'. Professional to the end, that girl.

another new telly advert

Ted's done most of the blogging this year. Thank you Ted. So I thought I should help out again. Starting off by showing you another new advert. It looks a bit like the other recent one, except this time it features our Felicity and a brand spanking new blackberries, raspberries and boysenberries recipe. Not only did Felicity invent this recipe, she also sourced the special boysenberries to go in it. She’s great like that.

For those who are keeping tally, we’ve also added another gem to our collection of farmyard noises. Watch the ad and respect the mallard.