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great adverts of our time

Part of a continuing series. This week, chow mein cooked in dragon fire:

With thanks to Ben for spotting it.

newness for the new year

New Year concerns itself with new things. New resolutions, new trainers and new Power Ranger pencil cases (95% off in the last day of the Woolworths sale).

So here's a load of new stuff from us for this fine new year that will be forever known as 2009...

Two new adverts that you might notice in the papers and on big billboards on the side of the road over the next few days and weeks.



We'd like to give a special thanks to our innocent family for helping us decide which ads to use when we asked them to tell us what you think we should put here back in December last year.

One new veg pot recipe – a winter special containing a whole bunch of cockle warming ingredients including sweet potato, chilli, chargrilled peppers and smoky smoky paprika (so smoky they named it twice).

And one new smoothie of the month – a very uplifting and cleansing beetroot, apples, pears & ginger recipe.
Of course there will be lots more newness throughout the year but keep an eye on your shop shelves and newspaper pages for the newest in new, as featured above.

some innocent adverts

First up, we should stress that these aren't ads that we made. They were done by some students in Norway. We found them on the web and thought we'd share.


This one features Joan of Arc.


This one depicts Socrates.


And here's Jesus.

friday nonsense

Sammy Stephens, the man behind Flea Market Montgomery, is back with a little more magic. What a guy.

If you find yourself in a disco situation this weekend, perhaps you should give it a bit of Flea Market.