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vegetables & pyrotechnics

New ad
Back in July Dan went off to our favourite West London park with a pair of kneepads, a mini vacuum, lots of veg pots and the above 'story board' as it's called in the telly advert making game. The bit crossed off in green above was actually our first ever foray into pyrotechnics.

It all went well luckily, no eyebrows were singed and you can see the results of the day's work below. Which is now being shown as an advert on the telly would you have it.

Vocal thanks once again go to the wonderful Johhny Ball.

say bonjour to our french telly ad

It's been a busy week with telly adverts for us this week. Dan's been down the park in the rain making a new ad (sneak preview below).

New ad

And our friends over at La Halle aux Fruits (Fruit Towers in France) have a had shiny new advert on the telly earlier this year. It's not on French telly anymore but you can watch it below if you weren't on holiday in France, with a TV on in the background of your hotel room, at the time.

There's a special prize for the first person to interpret the full ad into English correctly. Just leave your interpretation as a comment to this blog post. Then we'll get our Matt in France to judge the closest interpretation, as his French is better than ours. I bet you're wishing you paid attention to French lessons in school now aren't you?

UPDATE: The competition is now over, Matt has done his judging and has decided that @agneau was the best interpretation. No arguing, Matt's French. Well done Agneau, we'll be in touch to sort out your prize. And a grande merci to everyone else who took part.

we're back on the telly

We're back on the telly again tonight, with a new advert starring our smoothies. If you're watching Emmerdale, The Simpsons or Time Team this evening look out for us. We'll be the ones on the grass in the park. And if you can't wait that long, here's a sneak preview.

blasts from the past

innocent is coming up to it's tenth birthday this year, and like any 9.82 year old worth their salt we're starting to reminisce a bit. Lessons learnt, stories accumulated, favourite colouring pens lost, that sort of stuff.

There'll be quite a lot of reminiscing in our new book when it comes out but for now here's a couple of blasts from the past closest to my desk this morning.


Here's one of our old posters from back in 2004, a vintage year in posters for us.


And here's Rich, Adam and Jon in the park, looking a bit younger than they do now. Only a year or two, but younger.

Expect more reminiscing as the year goes on.