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rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

Chas and Dave once sung a song about rabbits, it went like this. We've probably made more rabbit mentions than both Chas and Dave did in their entire careers in the last month alone. But we still feel there's more room for rabbits in our lives.

So here we have some fancy new posters featuring rabbits and our tasty veg pots that you might come across in the next few weeks when you're out and about.



We've also gone all green and veg pot like on our rabbiting on website where we're still accepting questions. And we've got a brand new Facebook game on our hands; the veg pot jack pot. Go play it here and try and get to the top of the leader board. There'll be unofficial prizes for the people at the very top in 4 weeks time.


another advert with a rabbit in it

A while a go we made our first ever advert for the telly with a chicken in it, and then we made an advert with a rabbit in it. We quite liked it so we've made another one, and here it is.

If you fancy seeing it on real life telly here’s a selection of the most choice appearances in his schedule: Today at 21.45 during Slumdog Millionaire, tomorrow at 22.50 during Ocean’s 12 and on Saturday at 20.45 during All Star Mr & Mrs. Keep your eyes peeled.

how many?

Those of you who live in London and read Metro in the morning might have noticed we had some ads in the paper this morning. It was quite hard to miss them in fairness. They're all about quite a forgetful rabbit.

And to let people know that they can grab a FREE smoothie with your copy of Metro at a few different London stations tomorrow morning (Tuesday 12th January 2010).
That's FREE smoothies. Tomorrow. At these stations...

Bond Street - Charring Cross - Euston - Fenchurch Street - Kings Cross - Liverpool Street - London Bridge - Paddington - Victoria

rabbit posters

Along with our new rabbit television advert and website we've also made some posters and newspaper ads and stuff. Different rabbits, different coloured backgrounds, same sentiment. Have a browse of a few of them below.




say hello to our new adverts and website

The more observant of you may have picked up we've been dropping hints about rabbits for some time now. Quite badly in most cases. It's because we've been busy making lots of new adverts for papers, magazines, billboards and the telly featuring a variety of rabbits. So that's that all cleared up and crystal clear now.

You can watch our new telly advert above or on our new rabbiting-on website and then take the opportunity to ask us any question you like. And we'll answer it, in person, by a real life human being. Anything. Then the best question each week wins a prize. What's not to like.