Thoughts from category: adverts

how to make an innocent smoothie


We made this new advert in double quick time. It's 'how to make an innocent smoothie'. Quite hard to show in 30 seconds but we thought we would have a go. Watch it here.

Anyway, it would be great if you told us what you thought of it - post a comment if you have a moment. We're sure there are some clever ad analysing types out there who can point out what we could have done better.

One more thing - the website has been smartened up a bit. Go and have a look if you have another moment. Thanks.

lovely kew


This is Phil who works at Kew Gardens (sorry about the slightly rubbish photo Phil). He very kindly gave us rides around in his electric buggy when we were over there yesterday to do a little bit of filming for our new telly advert. The gardens are looking really lovely right now - we found out it takes 800 people to keep them that way. We'd recommend a visit if you possibly can.

the golden rule of advertising


We had a meeting this morning about making a new advert for the telly. Very exciting. Note the biscuits on the table - all good advert meetings need biscuits.