Thoughts from June 2018

dental arithmetic

Hair salons have the best names. Sherlock Combs. British Hairways. Shavid Beckham. Dentists, on the other hand, do not. So we’ve been thinking up what dentists could be called if they took a leaf out of the barbering book. Here's what we've got so far:

The Molar System

The Jonathan Floss Show

Abra Cadabraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Open Wide and Prejudice

Brush With The Law (this one works for hair salons too)

Copy and Tooth Paste

Ee By Gum

Brace Yourself

Panama Root Canal

Platform Canine and Three Quarters

The Tooth, The Whole Tooth, and Nothing but The Tooth


As you can see, we’re working really hard at the moment. 

some exciting news


Today is a very proud day at innocent, as we announce that we have become a B Corp, joining a rapidly growing number of companies around the world that are committed to being a force for good.

One of our smoothies standing tall and proud next to the B Corp logo.

But what is a B Corp?

Well, to become a B Corp, companies are assessed and audited, and have to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

At innocent, we’ve always tried to do business the right way, behaving sustainably, making it a great place to work, giving 10% of our profits to charity and sticking to a strong code of ethics. But having an independent body scrutinise whether we’re actually doing it well means that we can be reassured that all of our efforts since 1999 have been worth it.

Becoming a B Corp is more than just getting a certificate (but we did get a very nice certificate). We are joining an important movement of companies and their employees – one that wants to shift the purpose of business from greed to good. Our business has a duty to step forward and prove that it can act truly responsibly, not just with the narrow mindset of profit above all else, but with a genuine commitment to all of the people we set out to serve – the people who work here, the people who drink our drinks, and the planet upon which we live and do business.

We are very proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with 2,500 fellow B Corp certified companies from all over the world. Some of these are our competitors, to whom we will happily open the doors of our business to, to share best practice, and from whom we hope to learn how to make innocent a better company to work for and work with.

And we encourage anyone to have a proper think the next time you're shopping: are you buying from a company that is certified as a B Corp? Are you spending your money on a product or service from a business that stands for something truly good? And could you even encourage the place where you work to think about becoming a B Corp?

We hope you can. Join us and become part of the movement to B the change.

bee appy

Bees are pretty great. Their sharp style could turn a grasshopper green with envy, and their gentle buzzing has been the soundtrack to many a summer. They play a big part in keeping us all fed too.

a friendly bee

Most of the plants we eat need to be pollinated, and bees like the humble bumble do a lot of the wingwork. But bee numbers are in decline, which could have a serious impact on our eco-systems. We need to step in and lend these tiny flying gardeners a hand.

The good folk at Friends of the Earth have started the Great British Bee Count and joining in is as easy as ABeeC. Download the app, snap any bees you spot (they love a photoshoot) and your photos will help experts learn more about the bee. We’re really excited to get started. Absolutely buzzing.

download the great british bee count app