The Legend Of The Lost Blog Posts

The year is 3197.

Intrepid cyber-archaeologist Cindy Anna-Jones had devoted her life to uncovering the mysteries of the past. But one mystery had always evaded her. Everyone said it was just a myth. She was determined to find the truth.

She’d recently stumbled upon something called “The Internet”. It seemed to have been abandoned since the early 22nd century, when humankind invented Taste-o-vision.

Hidden amongst cat videos, selfies, and a gif of someone blinking, Cindy discovered something unlike anything she’d ever seen before.

The innocent website.

“innocent, I know that name,” she whispered to herself. “Didn’t they save the world from the first zombie apocalypse? And then accidentally cause another one?”

“Yes,” replied her Smart Cat, Alexion, before returning to licking himself.

Cindy kept digging. Drink recipes. Joke Generators. The original yellow-prints for the world’s very first wee-ometer… The website was a treasure trove of strangeness.

And, deep in the depths, laid a blog. It featured everything from innocent’s foundation work, to a rather guilty apology for the whole second zombie outbreak thing.

She scrolled back further, further, until she was over 1100 years into the past. And then, she found it.

A gap.

Not just any gap. The gap.

The gap the legends had whispered about. The gap where the innocent blog just…stopped. It was right where the legends had said it would be, between July 2017 and January 2018. Then it restarted as if nothing had happened.

The only hint to what once might have been was January’s first entry. It was simply titled “Has anyone seen our last five blog posts?”

This was it. This was the proof that Cindy had been searching for all this time. The Legend Of The Lost Blog Posts was true.  Five blog posts had been lost from time and forgotten about like a password you had literally just created.

What had happened to the blog posts?

What secrets did they contain?

Why were they lost?

Or were they never actually written at all? It’s a mystery.